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Cross-channel TV Advertising Platform

Connect with strategic audiences across linear and connected TV

Stop siloed linear and CTV buying issues, such as duplication, wasted spend, and reporting headaches. Rely on Simulmedia's unified approach with the TV+® cross-channel advertising platform. Unified campaigns eliminate siloed buying hassles and provide holistic audience insights, efficient spending, deduplicated metrics, consolidated reporting, and smarter cross-channel budgeting.

Reach strategic audience wherever they are watching with TV+®

  • Holistic view of strategic audiences

    Wish you understood an audience’s TV behavior across linear and CTV? TV+ knows what each target audience is watching, when they are watching, and where (i.e., which network or app) across linear and CTV. TV+ gives all the audience intelligence needed to help plan cross-channel campaigns.

  • Cross-channel budget planning

    Marketers don’t have to use last year’s budgets to guess what this year’s linear and CTV budgets should be. TV+ provides the planning and scenario tools needed to make an informed decision on how much to spend on each channel to maximize reach as efficiently as possible.

  • De-duplicated, converged reporting

    Getting two separate, unrelated reports for linear and CTV isn’t helpful. TV+ de-duplicates reach and other metrics so that marketers enjoy a holistic understanding of cross-channel campaign delivery and performance.

  • Reach-driving cross-channel extensions

    Already buying on one channel, but recognizing the value of activating on both? We extend existing linear buys with a complementary CTV buy. Or go the other way: have us extend an existing CTV buy with a complementary linear buy. Connect with as much of your audience as possible, regardless of where they’re watching.

Confidently meet campaign goals with unified TV campaigns

With 57% of US audiences watching both linear and ad-supported CTV, siloed TV buying doesn’t make sense anymore. To unify siloes, Simulmedia relies on a converged TV platform. TV+, our Cross-channel TV Platform, delivers holistic intelligence, reports, and views so that marketers can look at TV campaigns the same way that audiences do: to them, it’s all just “TV.”

Gain the confidence to hit reach goals and deliver advertising messages efficiently to high-response strategic audiences with a unified TV+ campaign.

Rely on Simulmedia to orchestrate linear and CTV buys like a maestro

  • TV+'s Cross-channel Advertising Platform lets us plan, activate, and measure cross-channel TV campaigns in one converged TV platform, guaranteeing our clients receive the most efficient results and a de-siloed view of their whole campaign.

  • PlanKnow where high potential strategic audiences spend their time

    Wish you had the data to know where your target audience spent their time? Thanks to TV+ Cross-channel Viewership Insights, marketers can drill deep into where audiences are on linear and CTV. Make informed planning and budget allocation decisions based on reliable data powered by TV+’ Viewership Graph, which pulls together billions of fragmented consumer signals into a consolidated data lake that captures person-level viewing behavior across linear and streaming TV.

  • PlanMake the right budget allocation decision


    Understanding your brand's target audience is crucial, but optimizing budget allocation between linear and connected TV is even more valuable!

    With TV+ Reach Optimizer, you can compare the potential reach of isolated advertising in linear or CTV against a cross-channel campaign. Our reach optimization tool predicts reach for cross-channel campaigns under various spend scenarios. For example, marketers can inquire, "What reach can I achieve with a $500K versus $300K budget, and how should I distribute it between linear and CTV for maximum impact?

  • ActivateGet ready for a well-coordinated, parallel activation

    Collaborate with our client success managers who build out your dream strategic audience definition for linear and CTV. Simulmedia CSMs are a single point of contact who coordinates the buy, which runs on parallel tracks with our Linear and CTV Activation Teams working in tandem. We take care of all the back-end work; all marketers see is their cross-channel TV campaign's well-coordinated, speedy launch.

  • MeasureSee reports in all its cross-channel, de-duplicated glory

    Though linear and CTV campaign activation goes through distinct workflows, that doesn’t mean reporting has to be disparate. The TV+ Cross-channel Delivery Dashboard shows de-duplicated reach across the entire cross-channel campaign, including unique reach from linear TV versus connected TV. Unified reports paint the true picture of how successful a cross-channel campaign was.

  • OptimizeExtend linear buys into CTV or vice versa

    Buying linear or CTV in isolation won’t do as well as buying CTV and linear in tandem. Most target audiences live in both worlds. How do marketers expand to the other channel smartly?

    Fortunately, with the help of Simulmedia, they can expand from one channel to the other to drive incremental reach while minimizing duplicative waste and receiving unified reporting through TV+.

Flexible, automated buying through integrations with top TV and streaming publishers

  • Use TV+ to seamlessly find audiences with guaranteed impression delivery across national linear TV and CTV premium inventory.

Some of our linear TV partners

Some of our CTV partners

Activation options for all your needs

  • Get the high-performing plan you need with the flexibility to add other inventory that your business objectives may require.

  • Get the TV+® data-driven audience-based plan

  • Choose specific networks, streaming apps, days, and dayparts

  • Choose specific shows/programs

Cross-channel media buying is here. Ready to take the plunge?

Whether doing cross-channel TV buying or not, marketers intuitively know that approaching media buying from a holistic perspective makes sense. But even today, the industry hasn’t provided the tools to execute this idea efficiently. We built the TV+ Cross-channel Advertising Platform to make it easier to run convergent TV campaigns for brands and agencies seamlessly. Marketers receive de-siloed, de-duplicated campaign data through a single dashboard.

Ready to reach audiences across all of TV?

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