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Meet the Team

Simulmedia Team Members

Learn more about the people who keep our clients’ outcomes shooting ever-higher, our communities vibrant, and our business thriving.

Dave Morgan
Chief Executive Officer
Kyle Hubert
Chief Technology Officer
Jon Werther
Chief Operating Officer
Dave Madden
President & CRO, Simulmedia and President, PlayerWON®
Pravin Chandiramani
SVP, Business Development
Erica Meyer
SVP, Operations & Client Success
Steve Paule
SVP, Product Management
Juliette Dupré
VP, People & Culture
Victor Hurdugaci
VP, Engineering for PlayerWON®
Jenn Mancini
VP, Growth & Games
Carly McConnell
VP, Marketing
Lori O'Connor
VP, General Management - Entertainment
Adam Quinn
VP, Sales and Strategic Accounts
Marc Siegel
VP, Sales & Strategic Accounts
Clifford Thifault
VP, Finance - Controller
Vineet Gupta
VP, Engineering
Alex Papiu
Chief Scientist

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We value the enhanced intelligence that’s only gained through a diverse team of overall great humans. If this sounds like you—and if you’re passionate about technology, love helping successful clients generate even bigger wins, and want to see a future for yourself at Simulmedia, take a look at our open positions and apply today.

Team collaboration at Simulmedia