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Simulmedia Team Members

Learn more about the people who keep our clients’ outcomes shooting ever-higher, our communities vibrant, and our business thriving.

Dave Morgan
Chief Executive Officer
Kyle Hubert
Chief Technology Officer
Mark Pinney
Chief Financial Officer
Jon Werther
Chief Operating Officer
Nico Ricci
Chief Scientist
Dave Madden
President, PlayerWON®
Pravin Chandiramani
SVP, Business Development
Erica Meyer
SVP, Operations & Client Success
Steve Paule
SVP, Product Management
Dina M. Roman
SVP, Sales
Amardeep Singh
SVP, Engineering
Juliette Dupré
VP, People & Culture
Conor Finnegan
VP, Advertising Operations
Victor Hurdugaci
VP, Engineering for PlayerWON®
Jenn Mancini
VP, Growth & Games
Carly McConnell
VP, Marketing
Lori O'Connor
VP, General Management - Entertainment
Adam Quinn
VP, Sales and Strategic Accounts
Marc Siegel
VP, Sales & Strategic Accounts
Clifford Thifault
VP, Finance - Controller

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We value the enhanced intelligence that’s only gained through a diverse team of overall great humans. If this sounds like you—and if you’re passionate about technology, love helping successful clients generate even bigger wins, and want to see a future for yourself at Simulmedia, take a look at our open positions and apply today.

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