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Video Game Advertising

Extend Your Reach to the Most Passionate Audiences in Media

Connect your campaigns to highly engaged players inside their favorite games and reward them for interacting with your brand-sponsored video advertisements.

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PlayerWON® is the first engagement and monetization platform for massively popular free-to-play (F2P) console and PC games that lets players earn valuable rewards in exchange for watching premium video advertising.

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High-Quality Video Ads

A fully immersive, sound-on experience that’s commensurate with the big-screen environments gamers are enjoying, which drives unprecedented engagement.

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Reward-Based Format

After choosing to view an ad to completion, gamers earn immediate rewards in return for their time and attention, generating positive brand sentiment.

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Comprehensive Campaign Management

Seamless campaign activation, management and reporting to make it easier to reach gamers by advertising on gaming platforms inside their favorite games.

2.5 MMMonthly active users
96 %Video completion rate
70 %Of audience is A18-34
33 %Of audience cannot be reached on linear or CTV

The Only Audience in Media That’s Paying 100% Attention

When gamers are in front of their big TV or PC screens with controllers in hand, they’re definitely not multitasking. That makes players ideal for brands to engage with, and PlayerWON is the only viable means to reach and reward them through video game ads.

The Experience

Full-Screen, TV-Quality Video Game Advertising That Meets or Exceeds Gamer Expectations

We bring engaging, full-screen brand advertising to free-to-play (F2P) console and PC games that respects gameplay and the gamer point-of-view.

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In-Game Ads Drive Brand Metrics

The results are in and they’re phenomenal: players love earning rewards and unlocking free content in return for watching in-game ads.

85 %Had more positive views of the brand after viewing in-game ads
89 %Interacted with the brand after seeing the ad
92 %Increase in brand rating and purchase consideration

Connect In-Game Ads with Other Adstreams

Simulmedia enables multiple buying approaches for linear and connected TV in addition to video games, so advertisers can maximize reach and gain a 360-degree view of ad performance across media types within one unified platform.

Want to learn more?

Whether you’re an advertiser wanting to learn more about in-game advertising or a developer looking to boost player engagement and increase revenue, reach out and we’ll be in touch soon.