Give Players Control & Drive Engagement with Opt-In Ad Experiences

Reach the ever-growing and increasingly hard-to-find audience of gamers directly inside their favorite games, and delight them with rewards for their views and engagement.

PlayerWON™ is the first opt-in-only, player-controlled, full-screen, in-game advertising experience to reach and reward Free to Play (F2P) PC and console gamers.

Full-Screen Experience

Fully immersive, sight, sound and motion experience in premium game titles that drives unprecedented engagement

Reward-Based Ad Format

Players earn rewards in exchange for 15-30 seconds of their down time (lobbies, waiting rooms, between rounds, etc.)

Seamless Activation

Bypass deep integrations and sponsorship packages with easy campaign activation, management and reporting

50 MMMonthly active users
99 %Completion rate
80 %Of audience is A18-34

Reach an Increasingly Hard-to-Find Audience

Video games is the way to reach the increasingly expensive, but incredibly valuable, Gen Z audience. Simulmedia makes it easy by delivering ads and uninterrupted gameplay–together.

The Experience

Full-Screen, TV-Quality Advertising Gamers Actually Care About

Bringing sight, sound and motion ad experience to video and PC games that complements - not competes with - gameplay

In-Game Ads Drive Brand Metrics

Take a look at some of the overwhelmingly positive results on how gamers feel about in-game ads, as well as what they do after viewing them.

85 %Had more positive views of the brand after viewing in-game ads
89 %Interacted with the brand after seeing the ad
92 %Increase in brand rating and purchase consideration


Implement Easily, Connect Rapidly

With Simulmedia's simple HTTP API, developers can monetize rapidly without compromising player experiences or eating into valuable time and resources – all without an SDK.

Opt-In Value Exchange

Players choose to watch ads in exchange for valuable rewards, and can exit the ad at any time.

Content and Quality Control

Developer and publisher approval over ad campaigns and creatives. No bad ads or individual ad targeting.

Easy to Integrate

Leverage Simulmedia's light and easy-to-integrate HTTP API – no proprietary SDK needed.

Connect In-Game Ads with Other Adstreams

Simulmedia enables multiple buying approaches for linear and connected TV in addition to video games, so advertisers can maximize reach and gain a 360-degree view of ad performance across media types within one unified platform.

Want to learn more?

Whether you’re an advertiser wanting to learn more about in-game advertising or a developer looking to boost player engagement and increase revenue, reach out and we’ll be in touch soon.