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The Advertiser's Bill of Rights: Fostering CTV Transparency and Trust in Advertising

Step into the future of advertising with our groundbreaking eBook! Explore the challenges of CTV marketing and dive into the Advertiser's Bill of Rights, addressing transparency gaps. Discover the core principles reshaping the industry, from Placement and Device Transparency to Independent Fraud Detection.

What's Inside:

  1. Placement Transparency. The right to discover where your ads appear—programs, networks, services, and apps—and unravel the complexities of content obfuscation impacting pricing, brand safety, and optimization.
  2. Device Transparency. The right to inspect the devices showcasing your ads, from optimizing engagement on larger screens to tackling deceptive practices like device spoofing.
  3. Audience Transparency. The right to uncover the sources, composition, and methodologies of ad targeting data, navigating challenges in audience building and ensuring transparency, accountability, and trust.
  4. Independent Verification. The necessity of securing transparent, accredited third-party measurement for your campaigns, mitigating conflicts of interest, driving accountability, and empowering advertisers with unbiased insights.
  5. Independent Fraud Detection. The right to safeguard your ads from bots and fraudulent sources, understanding alarming trends in CTV ad fraud and the vulnerabilities in digital advertising infrastructure.

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