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TV+® media buying platform

Introducing TV+®, the TV advertising platform that is

TV+ is a platform purpose-built for optimizing linear and CTV advertising, a powerful alternative to fragmented, banner-based technology. It lets us plan, activate, and measure the full lifecycle of TV campaigns. TV+ patented machine learning algorithm, unified workflows, and full-funnel analytics ensure that each TV campaign is the best it can be.

Our Value Drivers

Leverage AI and automation to win in linear and CTV

  • Learn how we can maximize every dollar of your media spend.


    • Learn everything about your strategic audience’s TV habits

      With over 2B viewership events processed daily, TV+® holds one of the largest viewership data sets in the industry, so marketers can stop guessing and start making data-informed decisions. Collaborate with us to define a strategic audience, or leverage 1st party data, and TV+® generates a dashboard that delivers deep insight into their audience’s viewership behavior.

      • See how much time audiences spends on linear TV versus ad-supported CTV.
      • Forecast how much reach can be achieved through a cross-channel campaign versus advertising on linear or CTV alone.
      • Toggle between different spend scenarios through our Budget Planner and see the optimal spend allocation across linear and CTV.


    • Create perfect media plans using TV+ AI

      Stop guessing whether the current media plan is comprehensive enough. The TV+ Plan Builder, powered by patented machine learning technology, selects inventory to ensure the most efficient plan that guarantees strategic audience impression goals.

      • With integrations to 250+ TV networks, we know which spots are still available, ensuring Plan Builder provides the most realistic and efficient plan available.
      • Customize the media plan with rules, preferences, and restrictions—the AI optimizer takes those constraints into account
      • On plan approval, we’ll ensure the speedy execution of the buy through order automation.
    • Fast and flexible buys via direct integrations with the top linear and CTV publishers


      Our TV+ platform’s automated processes, long-standing relationships with publishers, and direct pipelines into premium broadcast, cable, and streaming inventory let us predict and cherry-pick ads that drive the greatest reach – and results – for each campaign.

      • Launch campaigns fast
      • Avoid clearance and pre-emption issues with guaranteed-to-run inventory
      • Lean back and let our team of TV experts handle all setup, lookalike modeling, and trafficking to launch each campaign on time
    • MeasureQuantitatively prove that TV drives outcomes with holistic and transparent measurement

      Our TV+ platform provides real-time reporting at an extremely granular level – by publisher, program, daypart, and day of the week on both linear and CTV – with complete transparency into all key performance metrics for both in-flight and completed campaigns. Look further down-funnel and see how linear and CTV ads drive incremental web visits, app installs, purchases, and other KPIs that matter most.

    • OptimizeAuto-optimize campaigns and achieve ever better results

      Want to leverage AI to optimize campaigns but monitor its decisions for peace of mind? TV+ provides the industry's most transparent automated optimization engine – allowing marketers to lean on the AI algorithm to make smart budget allocation decisions between creative, daypart, streaming apps, and publisher, all the while tracking its decisioning while the campaign is in-flight.

    Reach high-response strategic audiences across linear TV, CTV, and games

    • Simulmedia’s TV+ platform, with its guaranteed cross-channel inventory and ability to surgically target audiences everywhere they’re watching TV, ensures marketers confidently achieve optimal outcomes through video advertising.


      Integrations and partnerships powering performance

      • Simulmedia is a one-stop shop with direct integrations to all national networks, CTV platforms, and video game publishers. Partnerships with best-in-class targeting and measurement partners provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

      Some of our linear TV partners

      Some of our CTV partners

      Make TV media buying work better

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