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TV Advertising Platform

Experience the TV+® Difference

Simulmedia’s TV+® is the only truly cross-channel TV and video advertising platform for planning, buying, activation and measurement. Our platform aggregates audiences across linear and connected TV, unifying and automating workflows that have historically been managed in silos in order to provide advertisers with speed, simplicity and flexibility.

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TV Advertising Platform With Cross-Channel Targeting, Simplicity and Measurement

Combining our unique TV+® advertising platform with a dedicated team of experts, Simulmedia reaches your audience wherever they're watching across linear and CTV and continuously optimizes to ensure your objectives are met with full return on your investment.

Reach and Target the Full TV-Watching Audience with Surgical Precision

Simulmedia’s TV+® enables seamless access to 300 million viewers in 120 million U.S. households and connects your custom 1st- and 3rd-party data sets directly to your campaigns to ensure your ads are delivered to the right audience as efficiently as possible -- guaranteed.

  • Reach and target the full U.S. TV-viewing audience and segments at scale through the widest swath of premier network and publisher partnerships ant integrations
  • As a single end-to-end platform solution, TV+® enables us to plan, activate, and traffic your TV campaigns in a matter of days, or even hours
  • We eliminate the need to negotiate and manage numerous buys across networks and platforms, ingest and normalize all the data, and then take on all the operational overhead and costs to get scaled reach

Know Where Your Audience Will Be Watching

Powered by patented machine learning, Our TV+® platform forecasts into the future to select premium cross-channel inventory that offers you the greatest chance of achieving and exceeding your campaign objectives.

  • Analyze granular viewing data from every household in your target audience
  • Optimize budget allocation across linear TV, connected TV and games
  • Collaboration to ensure your selected inventory is approved – giving you total control of the media plan

Fast and Flexible Buying Through Direct Cross-Channel TV Integrations

Our TV+® platform and automated processes, long-standing relationships with supply-side vendors and direct pipelines into premium broadcast, cable and streaming inventory enable us to cherry-pick ads that are forecasted to drive the greatest reach – and results – for your campaign.

  • Get flexibility and speed when you need it most through our direct integrations with 250+ linear networks and CTV publishers
  • Avoid clearance and pre-emption issues with guaranteed-to-run inventory
  • Rest assured we handle all trafficking as well as the costs associated with it
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Holistic and Transparent Measurement

Our TV+® platform provides advertisers with real-time reporting at an extremely granular level – by network/publisher, program, daypart and day of the week on linear and CTV – with complete transparency into all key performance metrics for both in-flight and completed TV campaigns, including how your advertising is driving web visits, app installs, and more KPIs that matter to your business.

  • Identify the metrics important to you and measure them on your terms
  • Unified, transparent reporting on cross-channel media delivery
  • Real-time media and performance metrics for every campaign

Activate Holistic Campaigns Across Linear TV, Connected TV and Games

Simulmedia’s TV+® platform, guaranteed cross-channel inventory and ability to surgically target audiences everywhere they’re watching enables advertisers to confidently realize the full potential of their video advertising.

Integrations and Partnerships Powering Performance

Direct integrations with all national networks, CTV platforms and video game publishers, and partnerships with best-in-class targeting and measurement partners, provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

Ready to Reach Audiences Across All of TV?

Get started by contacting our sales team or by requesting a TV+® demo to learn more about how Simulmedia can deliver unmatched reach, results and measurement for your cross-channel TV campaign.