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True Cross-Channel TV Advertising with Performance TV®

Simulmedia is the leader in cross-channel TV advertising. With our Performance TV® offering, our managed services team helps smart marketers maximize outcomes across the full marketing funnel by reaching more people within their strategic audience, decreasing cost-per-visit and cost-per-acquisition, and increasing return on ad spend.

It's all powered by the TV+® platform, which leverages AI to drive intelligent premium video ad planning, buying, measurement, and optimization for national campaigns across all major linear and CTV networks and publishers.

Providing Cross-Channel Reach for All Types of Brands

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67 %Lower cost per reach
12 %Lower cost per install
55 %Decrease in cost-per-visitor
5 xIncremental in-store visits

Cross-Channel TV Advertising Results

No matter your objective, the flexibility of Simulmedia’s TV+® platform allows you to deploy different tactics to hit your desired business outcomes.

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Integrations and Partnerships Powering Performance

Direct integrations with all national networks, CTV platforms and video game publishers, and partnerships with best-in-class targeting and measurement partners, provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

Ready to Reach Audiences Across All of TV?

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