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AI-powered TV advertising

Reach high-response strategic TV audiences with maximum efficiency

Maximize every TV dollar with Performance TV®, our AI-powered ad buying offering. We eliminate TV guesswork and overspending by ensuring smart placements across linear, streaming, and gaming and optimizing budgets to reach strategic audiences as efficiently as possible. Performance TV clients access TV+® for insights into strategic target's viewing habits across linear and connected TV.

Our Differentiators

    • Providing the broadest and most cost-efficient reach and driving the best outcomes through campaigns across linear, CTV, and gaming for all types of brands

    Unlock TV Success with Performance TV

    Gain the confidence to reach the right people on TV as efficiently as possible. Run more successful campaigns, unlock new opportunities, and drive more growth for your business. Simulmedia's Performance TV offering plans, activates, and measures linear and CTV campaigns all with the help of TV+, our unified media buying platform.

    Elevate with TV+ Planning Insights

    • Take your media planning to new heights using TV+ Self-Serve Planning Insights. Gain advanced audience insights, evaluate campaign success, and benchmark against competitors. Sign up for free to revolutionize your TV advertising strategy. Explore, analyze, and dominate the TV landscape! Discover the free, valuable Planning module within the comprehensive TV+ platform.

    Gain Competitive Edge: Free TV Audit for Insightful Competitive Analysis

    Curious to see how your TV campaigns stack up against the competition? Our Free TV Audit offers valuable insights into your campaign performance and competitive landscape. It's an opportunity to refine your strategy and stay ahead. Sign up now!

    Trust the Experts: Simulmedia's Performance TV® Delivers

    Whether you’re looking for a more streamlined TV buying process, deeper audience insights, or a one-stop shop that up-levels your team in the linear and CTV universe, our Performance TV® offering meets the challenge. We work tirelessly to establish and prove the success of each client’s TV campaign.

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      Lean on our Performance TV offering to simplify the complex world of TV. Feel secure: the execution of your next TV campaign is in capable, trustworthy hands.

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      Waste less time with cumbersome, manual work. Rely on our Performance TV® offering to run a fully automated TV campaign execution that exceeds your clients’ expectations.

    Reach your audiences wherever they are

      Case Studies

      Linear and CTV results to shout out loud about

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          Lower cost per install

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          Lower cost per reach

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          Incremental in-store visits

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          Decrease in cost-per-visitor

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          of daily audience reach with just 13% of the budget

        Cross-channel TV advertising results

        No matter your objective, the flexibility and expertise of Simulmedia’s Performance TV® team works with you to deploy different tactics to hit your desired business outcomes.


        Integrations and partnerships powering performance

        • Direct integrations with all national networks, CTV platforms and video game publishers, and partnerships with best-in-class targeting and measurement partners, provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

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