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Elevate your TV ad buying practice

Rise above the competition: deliver strategic excellence that delights clients

Today's agency landscape is intensely competitive, demanding that independent agencies establish themselves as strategic partners. Let Simulmedia's Performance TV® enhance your agency's linear and CTV buying process, freeing your team to prioritize strategic client work. If you are a CTV ad agency trying to break into linear TV -- we help with that too.

Our AI-driven approach ensures efficient media planning, while TV+® offers detailed insights for ongoing client value delivery and self-service campaign reports.

Capitalize on our commitment to your success

  • Simulmedia offers a single point of contact, handling negotiation, execution, and coordination with TV publishers. Agencies benefit from our negotiated favorable rates with premium linear and CTV publishers. This frees up agency teams for valuable strategic activities like client development and insight generation.

Our Performance TV® services

  • Plan and buy linear TV

    For agencies seeking to enter linear TV or enhance their capabilities, Simulmedia is the ideal partner. We've negotiated competitive rates with all ad-carrying networks measured by Nielsen. Our 250+ publisher integrations provide real-time avails and rapid execution for non-preemptible scatter buys. TV+® employs AI to predict audience locations and create efficient media plans for the best guaranteed reach.

  • Plan and buy on CTV

    Gain a competitive edge with Simulmedia in the CTV world. We've pre-negotiated deals with top CTV apps, buy through direct IOs or programmatic guaranteed, and offer transparent automated optimization. Work with our Custom Reporting team to deepen client relationships and enhance your agency's competitive position.

  • Complement an existing buy

    Already committed? Not a problem. Test Simulmedia out by running a linear, CTV, or cross-channel extension on an existing buy. We’re confident in finding new audiences unreached by the existing buy. Pull holistic reporting directly from our TV+ platform to see the performance of an existing buy side-by-side with the extension buy. Don’t just meet clients’ expectations – run a complementary buy and blow their socks off.

  • Plan and buy cross-channel

    Impress clients and secure both linear and CTV business with Simulmedia's cross-channel expertise. TV+® planning tools reveal audience viewing habits across linear and streaming, offering budget allocation recommendations. We buy to optimize frequency and reach, and agencies access granular reports, including competitive insights, from TV+® anytime.

  • Providing the broadest and most cost-efficient reach and driving the best outcomes through campaigns across linear, CTV, and gaming for all types of brands

Win clients against bigger competitors

Ready to secure marquee clients? Simulmedia's holistic TV expertise, AI-powered automation, and dedicated team deliver outsized impact. We leverage AI for the entire TV lifecycle – planning, activation and measurement. Our TV+ platform provides granular data and insights to impress clients and boost agency growth.

  • A single point of contact who’s fully dedicated to delivering success

    Performance TV's Client Success Manager is the single point of contact backed by a team of linear and CTV experts. We take on the most confusing and tedious aspects of TV ad buying and infuse data and automation to exponentially increase productivity. This lets agencies scale and take on bigger and more challenging clients.

  • Our think tank is your think tank for TV brilliance

    Need to turn your team into experts on complex TV topics for the next client meeting? The Performance TV team will pull experts from our deep pool of TV veterans into our next meeting to accelerate our clients' ascent up the learning curve and make them TV experts in no time.

  • Deliver client campaigns exponentially faster and more efficiently

    No need to hire more resources from low-cost countries in order to scale linear and CTV execution like the big players do. Simulmedia’s TV+ platform automates the ad planning and buying process, increasing efficiency exponentially. Automation increases agency margins and allows agencies to deliver significantly more value to their clients.

  • Impress clients with audience and campaign insights

    When we execute their buys, agencies gain access to TV+, our TV advertising platform, so they can pull their own reports and deliver insights to their clients whenever they need to. See which networks, apps, devices, and shows drive the greatest impact to efficient reach or lower-funnel performance metrics.

Simulmedia gives Camelot the speed we expect from digital and the scale we need from TV, making our buys faster, more effective and more measurable.

Sam Bloom

CEO of Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

Supercharge agency performance with our integrated partnerships

  • Direct integrations with all national networks, CTV platforms and video game publishers, and partnerships with best-in-class targeting and measurement partners, provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

Some of our linear TV partners

Some of our CTV partners

Some of our data partners

About TV+, the platform that powers our Performance TV team

  • Our dedicated client success team leverages our patented TV+ technology to find target audiences, execute linear and CTV buys, measure performance, and optimize campaigns to drive clients’ most important metrics.

    Ready to supercharge agency growth?

    • Reach out to Simulmedia – we’d love to be the one-stop shop and trusted TV partner to help you win over prospects and wow clients.