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Bring pharma TV advertising into the 21st century

Simulmedia prioritizes pharma marketers' needs with our AI-powered technology, enabling precise audience targeting, swift planning, activation, and optimization on both linear TV and CTV. We go beyond traditional demographic attributes to guarantee impressions on strategic condition-based targets while upholding privacy and brand safety.

Achieve exponentially more with less through Simulmedia Performance TV®

  • Achieve greater reach while spending less, guaranteed delivery to advanced audiences, and lightning-fast campaign launches through Simulmedia Performance TV. We prioritize privacy compliance, brand safety, and full transparency, ensuring a seamless TV campaign launch.

  • More targeted reach for less spend

    More targeted reach for less spend

    Get more cost-effective ad buys through our patented tech that forecasts linear viewership. We’ve secured pre-negotiated scatter market and PMP deals for optimal 60-second ad placement. Using machine learning, we forecast future delivery at the best price, maximizing efficiency. Result: More precise targeting, reduced waste, and lower costs.

  • Guaranteed delivery to advanced audiences

    Guaranteed delivery to advanced audiences

    Receive guaranteed delivery of a patient audience on linear TV, supported by HIPAA-compliant data methods. Marketers can go beyond basic Nielsen age + gender demos and target advanced audiences through our leading pharma data integrations. Marketers can choose their preferred audience data vendor while still receiving guaranteed delivery - we are data provider agnostic!

  • Abolish ADUs

    Abolish ADUs

    Consider audience deficiency units (ADUs) a relic of the past: Our patented forecasting and plan optimization algorithms deliver the certainty that your budgets get spent within campaign timelines. 96% of our campaigns deliver within 5% of our forecast, providing unmatched reliability.

  • Lightning fast TV campaign launches

    Lightning fast TV campaign launches

    Slash planning time from over a month to just 10 days, and get on-air fast through our advanced technology, powered by API integrations with over 250 linear networks and streaming publishers to seamlessly retrieve inventory avails data.

Integrated with your preferred data provider

  • Leverage our integrations with the top pharma data providers to activate condition-based audiences for linear AND streaming TV.

  • Suppress exposed linear audiences on CTVOptimized Cross-Channel
TV Buying

    Simulmedia revolutionizes cross-channel TV buying with our deep expertise across linear and CTV platforms. Our unique approach offers a comprehensive view of ad viewership, ensuring maximum campaign effectiveness. Key features include:

    • Cross-Channel Exclusion: Regardless of whether Simulmedia activated the linear buy, we can run a CTV extension, optimizing campaign efficiency by suppressing exposed linear viewers. Achieve a low <10% duplication rate on cross-channel campaigns, ensuring the broadest reach.
    • Unified Reporting and Converged Insights: Our Cross-Channel Delivery Report provides a single, converged view of concurrent linear and CTV campaigns, delivering insights such as impressions, CPM, total reach, unique reach, and incremental reach, without additional costs.
  • Reach extensionEffortless Reach Extension for Optimal TV ROI

    Simulmedia empowers pharmaceutical marketers with an innovative, hassle-free reach extension strategy that maximizes TV ROI. Our approach complements upfront or existing buys by extending reach to precision-target users who we predict won’t be reached by the original buy. We extend to both linear and CTV, ensuring optimal efficiency and insurance against media commitment uncertainty.

    • Precision Targeted TV Extension: Our AI-powered data-driven algorithms forecast and assemble the most efficient complementary media buy, reaching unduplicated patient audiences efficiently.
    • Holistic Reporting: Marketers can easily compare multiple buys side-by-side, gaining transparency into impressions, GRPs, frequency, and unduplicated reach driven by both buys.

Additional benefits for every pharma advertising campaign

  • By working with Simulmedia, pharma advertisers get many benefits included that would normally cost them more in additional fees with other partners.

Simulmedia's platform delivers tailored planning insights that propel their pharma campaigns to success. Stay ahead of the competition with in-depth cross-channel frequency and reach analyses of competing drug campaigns to optimize media plans seamlessly across all platforms.

While the industry typically takes months to deliver campaign results, our platform automates post-log processing from various networks within a week of airing. Marketers gain real-time insights into in-flight campaign performance: our platform leverages ACR data to project linear TV delivery.

Simulmedia disentangles the flaws of traditional attribution and media mix modeling through its Incremental Lift Studies, which isolates the impact of linear, CTV, or cross-channel campaigns, disentangles the flaws of traditional attribution and media mix modeling. Breakdowns by audience, daypart, network/streaming app, and creative identify the most effective parts of a media plan.

Easily track web visits and conversion events with our Simulpixel or Google Analytics integration. Place the Simulpixel into your tag manager to measure any web event, and tie outcomes back to your TV campaign. Or import website event data through our Google Analytics integration for seamless tracking.

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Reach high-response strategic audiences across linear TV, CTV, and games

  • Simulmedia’s TV+ platform, with its guaranteed cross-channel inventory and ability to surgically target audiences everywhere they’re watching TV, ensures marketers confidently achieve optimal outcomes through video advertising.

    Trust the Experts: Simulmedia's Performance TV® Delivers

    • Whether you’re looking for a more streamlined TV buying process, deeper audience insights, or a one-stop shop that up-levels your team in the linear and CTV universe, our Performance TV® offering meets the challenge. We work tirelessly to establish and prove the success of each client’s TV campaign.

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