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Measure the true impact of TV with incremental lift measurement

Published: Dec. 05, 2023

Traditional linear TV remains a vital channel for broad audience engagement and impactful creatives. However, in the data-driven marketing era, measuring the true impact of these campaigns on crucial metrics is challenging. Marketers struggle to understand how TV ads influence actions like website visits amid a complex marketing landscape with multiple competing channels. The rise of CTV adds further complexity. While Simulmedia offers "Incremental Lift Studies for CTV," this blog focuses on challenges unique to traditional linear TV attribution. Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies for Linear TV provide clarity by disentangling the web of advertising influences. This feature empowers marketers to accurately assess the impact of their traditional linear TV campaigns, offering a methodology that separates signal from noise. By making data-driven decisions, Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies for linear TV optimize the effectiveness of traditional linear TV campaigns.

What is Incremental Lift Measurement and why it matters

Lift measurement quantifies a marketing campaign's additional impact on desired outcomes. Incremental Lift Studies for linear TV aim to precisely measure added conversions and conversion rates from TV advertising. These studies compare exposed group (TV ad viewers) and a control group (non-viewers) using deterministic attribution for accurate measurement.

Traditional attribution and media mix modeling face challenges assessing TV campaign impact, particularly for linear TV, due to shared limitations:

  • Inability to Account for External Factors: Difficulty distinguishing TV ad impact from concurrent events leads to imprecise measurements.
  • Over-reliance on Short-term Data Spikes: Focusing on short-term spikes neglects long-term impacts, missing valuable insights for effective decisions.
  • Resource-intensive and Time-consuming: Media mix modeling demands substantial resources, limiting accessibility, especially for smaller businesses.
  • Rigidity: Built for specific timeframes, media mix models lack adaptability for emerging trends or market shifts.

Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies provide a refreshing alternative to overcoming these challenges. By bypassing traditional attribution methods and resource-intensive media mix modeling, these studies offer a cost-effective, flexible, and precise approach for assessing TV campaign impact in today's complex marketing landscape.

The Power of Synthetic Control Groups

At the core of Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies for linear TV are synthetic control groups, transforming how marketers gauge their TV campaign impact. This method lets advertisers craft a control group mirroring the test group via advanced statistical techniques and user data—without physically splitting these groups per campaign. This offers an accurate, statistically identical comparison, eliminating costs tied to running PSAs for control group creation, making A/B testing cost-effective.

Choosing a synthetic over a hold-out group stems from linear TV's unique nature, where budget decisions aren't at the individual level. Creating a pre-campaign hold-out plan with similar granularity and control proves challenging. In a landscape valuing accurate measurement, synthetic control groups give marketers a potent tool to confidently attribute observed lift to TV campaigns, minimizing control group expenses. This precise method empowers advertisers, unlocking traditional linear TV campaign potential, and facilitating data-driven decisions with unmatched confidence, optimizing marketing efforts for superior results.

Benefits of Incremental Lift Studies for Linear TV

Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies for linear TV enhance the effectiveness of TV advertising campaigns in several ways:

  • Confident Isolation of Campaign Impact: Comparing statistically identical test and control groups enables the pinpointing of the true impact of a TV campaign, eliminating external influences for a clear cause-and-effect relationship.
  • Purpose-built Synthetic Control Group for TV: Our methodology ensures the synthetic control group mirrors the test group, considering demographics and viewership behavior, providing precise measurement while minimizing confounding factors.
  • Merging Linear TV Reach with Digital Attribution: Seamlessly combining the expansive reach of linear TV with precise, deterministic digital attribution offers a comprehensive picture of campaign performance, leveraging our viewership panel.
  • Confident Measurement of Incrementality Across Web Outcomes: Incremental Lift Studies facilitate the measurement of a TV campaign's incremental impact on various web outcomes, offering insights into actions such as website visits and app installs.
  • Identification of Incrementality Parameters: Dissecting campaign performance by network, daypart, and creative empowers advertisers to optimize targeting, maximizing the effectiveness of advertising efforts.

Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies provide advertisers with a comprehensive, flexible, and precise approach to measuring the true impact of linear TV campaigns and making data-driven decisions for superior results.

Unlocking the power of Incremental Lift Studies for Linear TV

To leverage Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies for linear TV effectively, grasp the essentials of initiation and result interpretation. Follow this guide for a seamless experience:

Client requirements:

  • Activate the SM Pixel on your website or employ Kochava integration for in-app events.
  • Share target metrics with your client success manager.
  • Define your target audience and intended budget; consult your client success manager.

Getting started:

  1. Run your linear campaign.
  2. Notify your client success manager about your interest in an Incremental Lift Study.
  3. We create a synthetic control group by simulating a plan on unexposed households, matching them to your network allocation and exclusion list.
  4. Interim results will be accessible in a Tableau dashboard after two days.
  5. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will share the final report shortly after the attribution window ends.

Interpreting Results

Incremental Lift Dashboard
  1. Results are finalized at the attribution period's end; expect no further dashboard updates.
  2. The dashboard details the linear TV campaign summary, including incremental lift %, incremental conversions, and the cost per incremental conversion. Remember that "conversions" represent the action you chose to track – which could be website visits, app installs, or actual purchases and transactions.
  3. The dashboard provides a side-by-side comparison of the control group attributes versus the test group attributes.
  4. Drill-downs to the network level provide insights on publishers delivering more incremental lift, facilitating plan optimization. Breakdowns are also available per daypart and creative.

With these insights, embark confidently on your journey into Incremental Lift Studies for Linear TV, unlocking valuable information for better results.

Unveiling the mechanics: How Incremental Lift Studies work

Curious about the inner workings of Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies for linear TV? Let's delve into the process that empowers marketers to confidently uncover the true impact of their TV campaigns.

  • Step 1: Identifying the Exposed Group.

We kick off by setting up the SM Pixel on the client's website or integrating with Kochava for mobile app attribution. After the campaign, we analyze impressions on our viewership panel to assemble the 'exposed' group.

  • Step 2: Creating the Synthetic Control Group.

With the exposed group in sight, we simulate media plans adhering to the campaign's criteria to craft a synthetic control group—no need to physically split groups per campaign, saving costs.

  • Step 3: Ensuring Statistical Representativeness.

Demographic data overlays both groups, ensuring shared characteristics. Our post-stratification algorithm guarantees statistical representativeness in geographic location, demographics, and viewership patterns.

  • Step 4: Running Deterministic Attribution.

We finalize by running deterministic attribution at the Household IP level, using the Simulmedia Pixel or MMP integrations for conversions, precisely measuring the TV campaign's impact.

  • Step 5: Comparing and Measuring Lift.

We compare conversion rates between the test (exposed) group and the synthetic control group, providing a clear view of the incremental lift generated by the TV campaign.

Ensuring rigorous representativeness

To guarantee the representativeness of both groups, we employ advanced methods:

  1. Multiple Simulated Plans: We create multiple simulated plans to ensure the control group mirrors the viewing habits of the test group. This rigorous process eliminates individuals unlikely to have seen your ad, such as cord cutters or households on your suppression list.
  2. Sophisticated Matching Techniques: Simulmedia applies sophisticated techniques, including Weighted Attribute Matching, ensuring the control group shares the same demographic and geographic attributes as the test group, leaving no room for discrepancies.

With these meticulous methods, Simulmedia ensures Incremental Lift Studies provide unparalleled precision and statistical representativeness. This rigorous approach empowers advertisers to confidently attribute observed lift to their TV campaigns, setting us apart in the industry. Marketers can optimize their traditional linear TV campaigns with unwavering confidence, leading to superior results

Unlock the future of TV measurement with Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies

In summary, Simulmedia's Incremental Lift Studies for linear TV equip you with the tools to unlock your TV campaigns' true impact. Bid farewell to uncertainty and embrace the future of measurement. By leveraging this innovative feature, you can make informed decisions for better results, elevating your marketing efforts. Don't let uncertainty hinder you from harnessing the incredible power of TV advertising. The future of measurement is here, and it's time to embrace it.

Ready to elevate your TV advertising? Reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or email us at info@simulmedia.com to learn more and get started. Your success in the world of TV advertising awaits.