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Maximize reach with Performance TV® media planning and buying services

To navigate the complexities of the fragmented and rapidly evolving TV landscape, trust in Performance TV as your turnkey one-stop solution for:

  • Planning and executing full-funnel media buying campaigns on linear TV, connected TV, or both
  • Complementing existing campaigns with extension buys to drive more incremental reach or performance
  • Elevating your team's expertise in the entire TV universe

Choose our comprehensive media planning and buying services to ensure your campaigns meet and exceed your strategic objectives across every aspect of the TV and digital landscape.

What Performance TV® offers

  • We maximize every dollar of your media spend to raise incremental reach, drive better performance outcomes, and improve return on ad spend on every TV campaign.

    • Providing the broadest and most cost-efficient reach and driving the best outcomes through campaigns across linear, CTV, and gaming for all types of brands

    Rely on our media buying to reach audiences in the most cost-efficient way

    Performance TV is a marketer's or agency's trusted turnkey solution, delivering certainty, speed, efficiency, and transparency to TV media planning and buying. The Performance TV team empowers marketers to build brand awareness and drive growth through TV, with unmatched expertise.

    Every Simulmedia TV campaign is informed by big data, AI, and our TV experts. That means every media dollar spent is stretched out to produce the optimal outcome. Our TV+® platform powers and automates every stage of a TV campaign’s lifecycle, ensuring the most rapid execution of media plans of any size.

    • Get guaranteed audience delivery

      No matter the audience, Simulmedia's Performance TV offering guarantees to reach them, whether they’re on linear or connected TV. That’s because our AI-built media plan goes beyond simple heuristics and predicts the most efficient way to maximize audience reach.

    • Enjoy a speedy, worry-free launch

      Once the media plan gets approved, we can launch campaigns in as little as 3 days. Performance TV's team of TV experts is supported by a massive investment in automation technology to make speedy, programmatic linear, and CTV execution a reality.

    • Develop winning TV campaign strategies

      Your Performance TV client success manager doesn't just handle media buys—each is a full-fledged subject matter expert in linear and connected TV. We treat every client as a consultative partnership and work earnestly to collaborate on winning campaign strategies and build clients' expertise in the TV universe.

    The unified cross-channel planning and buying delivered by Simulmedia's TV+ helped us reach millions of potential job applicants that we couldn’t have reached with a traditional, siloed approach to planning.

    Shaun Farrar

    Senior Director of Global Media, Monster

    Unleash Simulmedia's client success for precision attribution, incremental lift and cross-channel measurement

    Leverage Simulmedia's client success team for setup of Attribution Reports and Incremental Lift Studies. Let us tie digital events to TV ads, proving incrementality at no extra cost. Avoid additional 3rd party fees with A|B testing and Incremental Lift measurement.

    Simulmedia's focus on de-duplicated measurement ensures efficient budget allocation and precise reporting on unique reach and cross-channel frequency. Your dedicated Client Success Manager handles everything, minimizing risks, optimizing spending, and preventing oversaturation. Boost your TV impact strategically with Simulmedia's expertise and comprehensive measurement.

    • Build the best TV media plan

      Simulmedia’s TV+ platform leverages historic viewership data, audience intelligence, lookalike modeling, and AI to build the most cost-efficient media plan to reach a responsive, strategic audience on linear and CTV.

    • Activate TV media buys with speed

      Don’t fret over late campaign launches – we won’t let that happen! Regardless of the complexity of a media plan, Simulmedia gets buys done in record time. TV+ integrates with over 250+ publisher systems and DSPs to speedily launch every campaign.

    • Measure with transparency

      Log into our easy-to-use TV+ platform to monitor the progress of in-flight campaigns or to extract insights for the next campaign. Simulmedia CSMs help marketers and agencies navigate every report and interpret every metric and report to build their expertise in no time.

    • Optimize to meet aggressive KPIs

      Learn something new on every encounter with a Simulmedia client success manager. Our deep TV experience means there will always be more ideas to further improve campaign performance. Furthermore, the TV+ platform leverages AI to automatically optimize in-flight connected TV campaigns.

    What we found most interesting about Simulmedia was their retargeting capabilities. We could filter by different event and URL paths and exclude lower-quality traffic; most connected TV providers can’t offer that. The team has been extremely helpful in customizing a retargeting program that really works, and we’ve used those learnings to improve our campaigns moving forward.

    Andrew Provost

    President at Metro Vein Centers

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