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How Metro Vein Centers Harnessed the Power of CTV with Simulmedia

How Metro Vein Centers Harnessed the Power of CTV with Simulmedia

Metro Vein Centers is a nationally accredited spider and varicose vein treatment center with clinics in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Michigan. How could the clinic drive brand awareness among niche, local demographics without wasting ad spend?

The Challenge

According to the AHA Journal Circulation, around 23% of adults in the US have varicose veins, namely 22 million women and 11 million men. This statistic alone narrows Metro Vein Centers’ target audience to just under a quarter of the US adult population. We can drill down even further — the clinic operates in just four states.

23 %of adults in the U.S. have varicose veins
11 Millionare adult women
22 Millionare adult men

For Metro Vein Centers, building brand awareness and improving performance would be challenging among such a niche demographic.

The clinic had first tried its hand at local linear TV. The feedback was promising: Customers often mentioned seeing ads on TV before coming in. But a lack of visibility into who they were reaching and where coupled with high CPVs, left them wanting more.

Metro Vein Centers could reach a massive audience using national TV, but the strategy had a considerable downside: Hundreds of thousands of wasted impressions outside their physical locations.

Connected TV, on the other hand, offers granular targeting capabilities — perfect for brands like Metro Vein Centers looking to reach specific audience segments cost-effectively. But while CTV could be a great strategy, it was also new territory. Metro Vein Centers needed the right experts to show them the ropes and the right technology to power their campaign.

The Solution

Metro Vein Centers looked to Simulmedia with its powerful TV+ platform and expertise in connected TV. To reach Metro Vein Centers’ unique local audiences, our expert team first devised a strategy leveraging connected TV’s advanced geotargeting capabilities.

Our team built the six-week campaign using Simulmedia’s unique TV+ platform. Thanks to TV+ extensive third-party data integrations, targeting Metro Vein Centers’ audiences at a granular level was easy.

Going Granular with TV+: Who We Targeted

TV+' precision targeting gave us a comprehensive view of Metro Vein Centers’ customers. After talking through several different audience segments, we decided to narrow down Metro Vein Centers’ audience to specific demographics — including women aged 40 to 49, 50 to 64, and so forth.

We then layered in geotargeting to drill down even further, creating a targeting strategy that would drive down cost per visitor within specific areas near their physical clinics.

This was just the beginning. Metro Vein Centers had also run a paid social campaign in tandem with their first campaign on our platform. After seeing their success with our first campaign, they decided to run another campaign — this time, with a focus on retargeting.

Our team decided to run two simultaneous campaigns: a retargeting and geotargeting campaign that gleaned information from one another.

How did it work? The retargeting campaign leveraged visitor information captured from a pixel we placed on the client’s website before their first campaign. Using this first-party data, we retargeted those who had recently visited the clinic’s site. At the same time, the geotargeting campaign used this information to exclude the IP addresses of those served in the retargeting campaign, allowing us to target purely new prospects.

This meant our retargeting campaign targeted only those who previously visited the site, while the geotargeting campaign served ads to purely new prospects — allowing Metro Vein Centers to target their ideal audiences with precision.

What we found most interesting about Simulmedia was their retargeting capabilities. We could filter by different event and URL paths and exclude lower-quality traffic; most connected TV providers can’t offer that. The team has been extremely helpful in customizing a retargeting program that really works, and we’ve used those learnings to improve our campaigns moving forward.

Andrew Provost
President at Metro Vein Centers

Spots aired in front of the right people and at the right time. Our TV+ platform uses patented machine learning to identify precisely where and what audiences watch on TV. Using these real-time analytics, we allocated Metro Vein Centers’ budget accordingly, allowing us to optimize for cost-effective reach and drive down CPV.

The Results

Metro Vein Centers’ initial campaign showed strong results. Enabled by leading data sources and patented machine learning, we drove down their cost per visitor to just $14.86.

Using these learnings, we refined our targeting strategy and optimized performance — leading to even better results in the following campaign.

By turning insights into optimizations, we were able to retarget high-quality audiences with precision, improve conversions, and reduce cost per visitor by 85%.

The campaign demonstrated the power of our platform’s granular targeting capabilities and our ability to attribute their campaign’s results to performance. Knowing this, Metro Vein Centers opted to renew and is now running a new retargeting campaign with us to optimize performance further and drive better business results.

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