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How a Data-Driven TV Strategy and Superior Creative Drove Audience Awareness & Online Sales for INNOVO®

How a Data-Driven TV Strategy and Superior Creative Drove Audience Awareness & Online Sales for INNOVO®


Smartly Reaching Target Audiences With Sensitive Creative

Based in Galway, Ireland and Boston, MA, Atlantic Therapeutics develops consumer medical devices, related software, apps and connected health technologies to treat all types of incontinence. The company's mission is to improve the quality of life of millions of people each year, by enabling them to restore and strengthen their pelvic health, thus regaining the confidence and control to lead active lives. To address Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), which one in three women experience at some point in their lives, the company produced INNOVO®, a non-invasive solution that treats the cause of bladder weakness in women via a unique wearable technology that strengthens pelvic floor muscles, providing the opportunity to live life free from bladder leaks in as little as three months.

FDA-approved with no prescription needed, INNOVO competes with common remedies like pads and adult diapers, which only treat the symptoms of incontinence, and which are less comfortable and convenient. To boost awareness and adoption of its superior product and to counteract misperceptions about bladder leaks that have exacerbated their physical and mental toll, INNOVO paired a smarter approach to television advertising with compelling new creative.

271 KSite visitors driven
199 %Response rate
45 %Decrease in CPV


  • Increase brand awareness and online sales through TV
  • Communicate superior and clinically proven benefits of its offering
  • Drive site visitors and Add to Carts as cost-efficiently as possible


  • The TV campaign delivered 381M impressions and reached 23.4% of INNOVO’s audience
  • Site visitors increased by 265% and customer response rate increased by 199%
  • The cost-per-visitor (CPV) dropped by 45% after the introduction of new campaign creative

The Challenge

Smartly Reaching Target Audiences With Sensitive Creative

To boost both brand awareness and online sales in Q1 2022, INNOVO needed a TV plan that could efficiently target women over 35 with active lifestyles who were past or current users of products from its competitors.

Creatively, INNOVO needed spots that communicated the superior and clinically proven benefits of its offering in a smart, sensitive and informative manner that engaged and educated viewers about a topic often and unfortunately treated as taboo by the media and the public.

As we moved into 2022, we recognized our early progress in building a disruptive brand in a huge category dominated by strong incumbents. To accelerate that progress, we needed to deliver a highly persuasive message that motivated women to change their beliefs and behaviors around bladder leaks. And as a scaling start-up business, media efficiency was a critical element in landing the message to the right audience. That was the challenge we set to our partners.

Susan Trent
CEO, Atlantic Therapeutics

The Solution

Complementing a Data-Driven Campaign With Content Focus

Using its unique TV+® platform for forecasting where audiences will be watching and then activating them at guaranteed scale, in addition to its access to premium video inventory through over 250 direct network and publisher integrations, Simulmedia ran a data-driven campaign across national linear cable TV networks against a custom target of W35-54 with active lifestyles to efficiently maximize the reach of INNOVO’s spots, drive awareness and boost site visits and response rate.

Simulmedia complemented its precise audience-focused cable TV channel approach with a brand-building, content-based campaign focused on relevant, high-visibility broadcast network programming.

For the first two months of the campaign, Simulmedia optimized to drive the cost-per-visit (CPV) down week after week and month after month.

The initial :30 spots featured a bold brand anthem that targeted women who had been suffering for years. But Innovo now needed to reach a broader audience of women, so Quirk Creative, an award-winning advertising agency specializing in video-based campaigns, was enlisted to produce spots that focused on the audience’s real emotional trigger moments and invited women to imagine a world without worry. Notably, :60 versions were included to showcase Innovo’s uniqueness in greater detail.

The Results

Generating Site Visits and Sales With a Hybrid Approach

During the course of Q1 22, Simulmedia’s TV campaign delivered 381M impressions, reached 23.4% of INNOVO’s audience and drove more than 271K visitors to INNOVO’s site. After the new spots from Quirk Creative were introduced, attributed new site visitors increased by 265%, while response rate grew by 199%.

The cost-per-visitor (CPV) dropped by 6.75% after the first month of the Q1 campaign but then decreased by a significant 45% month-over-month after the new spots from Quirk Creative rolled out. The :60 creative was particularly successful with a 0.35% response rate (compared to 0.19% for the :30 version of the spot), driving 60.4% more Add to Cart’s on INNOVO’s site.

Simulmedia's T advertising campaign for INNOVO reduced cost-per-visitor (CPV) by 45% after introduction of new Quirk Creative spots
381 MImpressions delivered
199 %Response rate
45 %Reduction in CPV

The Conclusion

Leveraging a More Effective Approach to TV Advertising and Powerful Creative to Revolutionize Women’s Health

The partnership and combined efforts of INNOVO, Simulmedia and Quirk Creative ensured that hundreds of thousands of women across the U.S. no longer have to suffer or be embarrassed by incontinence.

The campaign also demonstrated the power of a strategy that balanced data-driven TV and content-based buys: when TV was dark for INNOVO, pageviews on their site declined by 40%. Going forward, Simulmedia will continue with a hybrid approach that combines data-backed, content-based buys to generate awareness and drive spikes in site traffic along with audience-based TV buys to continue the awareness momentum and produce reliable efficiencies in performance, optimizing as needed.