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With TV+ self-serve Planning Insights, brands gain TV advertising analytics into the TV behaviors of advanced audiences that go beyond basic age and gender and into affinity, lifestyle, ownership, and more. Evaluate campaign success, benchmark competitors, and identify new opportunities to reach untapped audience segments. Sign up for free to transform your TV advertising strategy. Measure, manage, and dominate the TV landscape!

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What TV+ Planning Insights offers

  • TV+ provides the TV advertising analytics to tackle the industry's data gap, offering vital details on past campaigns and competitors. Brands often overspend due to insufficient competitor data or not knowing where to find specific target audiences. TV+ provides the solution, offering strategic TV advertising insights to outpace competitors. Sign up for control, unlock TV's potential, and gain a competitive edge.

    Get free access to these insights and reporting tools

    • Market InsightsAccess competitive TV insights

      Explore insights on competitive TV campaigns with TV+. Analyze mutual reach, unreached audience, and cost efficiency. Elevate your strategic TV advertising game for a competitive edge by answering questions like:

      • What percentage of my strategic audience remains unexposed to both my and my competitor’s campaigns?
      • How much of the strategic audience did my competitor reach that I did not?
      • How much more efficiently am I reaching the strategic audience versus the competition? In other words, what’s my cost-per-reach compared to the competition?
    • Media ReportsRefine strategies for TV

      Delve into Media Reports for Linear TV, uncovering the core of your campaign's success. With the Media Reports, you can:

      • Gauge your efficiency relative to competitors on linear TV.
      • Identify low-index linear programs providing substantial unduplicated reach.
      • Drill down into frequency and unduplicated reach by network for your advanced audience.

      Media Reports delivers precise data to take tangible action on your next media plan. For example, reallocate budget from networks and programs with high cost-per-reach and low levels of unduplicated reach into networks and programs with lower cost-per-reach and higher levels of unduplicated reach.

    Challenge your TV strategy

    • Delivering the widest and most cost-efficient reach, driving optimal outcomes, and seamlessly running turnkey campaigns across linear, CTV, and gaming platforms for diverse brands.