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Boost ROI with Performance TV®: your expert partner in TV ad buying

Make each media dollar work harder to drive better campaign outcomes through Performance TV's full-funnel media planning and buying services. Supported by TV+®, our transparent, industry-leading, AI-powered TV ad planning and buying platform, our team of linear and connected TV experts is ready to partner, plan and execute your next TV campaign and ensure its overwhelming success.

Rely on Performance TV® experts to drive TV ad buying success

  • Ready to work with the most flexible, agile, and knowledgeable TV ad-buying partner in the business? Our team is 100% invested in our client’s success! We’ll handle all planning and buying turnkey, strategize and problem-solve with clients on their next campaign, and share our expertise to uplevel their knowledge of the TV universe.

  • Plan and buy linear TV

    Even though streaming is growing, linear TV remains an efficient way to get messages in front of target audiences. The Simulmedia Performance TV® team leverages TV+ big data and AI to predict at the person-level where their audiences will be, build the most efficient media plan that minimizes unduplicated reach, automate buying across hundreds of networks, measure campaign delivery, and generate insights to optimize for the next campaign.

  • Plan and buy on CTV

    With the rise of AVOD and FAST, advertising opportunities on CTV are exponentially growing. The Performance TV team helps marketers navigate the complex world of streaming. We'll execute buys and provide 20+ self-service reports through TV+ to see which apps and programs drive outcomes. We can even set up robust A|B tests to isolate the incremental impact of CTV in lifting KPIs. When marketers need deeper insights, we collaborate to build custom reports that answer their toughest questions.

  • Plan and buy cross-channel

    Most households are a mix of traditional and connected TVs, so buying them in siloes won't yield the best results. The Performance TV team partners with marketers to plan, activate, and measure across a de-siloed cross-channel TV ad campaign so that they reach the strategic target audience as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Complement an existing buy

    Even if marketers have already done a big upfront buy, the Performance TV team is incredible at finding more of their target audience unreached by marketers' direct buy. We’ll expand a linear buy and find new eyeballs on CTV or other linear networks. Or we can expand a CTV buy and find unreached members of the target audience in linear or on other apps on CTV.

  • Providing the broadest and most cost-efficient reach and driving the best outcomes through campaigns across linear, CTV, and gaming for all types of brands

Feel the indisputable impact of advertising on business outcomes

Performance TV®'s tech-powered managed services team leverages AI to ensure that the full power of TV advertising drives strong business outcomes. Whether a marketer is looking for more offline or website visitors, app installs, leads, or sales, Performance TV's team of TV veterans helps them achieve goals faster and more efficiently.

  • Dedicated and knowledgeable client success partner

    Unlike most TV ad-buying service providers, each Performance TV's client success representative is a full-fledged subject-matter expert in linear and connected TV. We embrace the philosophy of a consultative partnership and are ready to execute our clients’ campaigns with operational excellence.

  • Hundreds of cumulative years of TV experience

    Tap into our think tank of TV veterans and data scientists to help solve some of the toughest problems on TV. We’ll readily invest the time to help marketers understand the intricacies of the fast-evolving TV industry and dig deep into the campaign data to get answers to their most difficult questions.

  • Commitment to TV excellence in insights and optimization

    At Simulmedia, we set a new standard in service. Unlike providers who adhere to rigid protocols or nickel-and-dime clients for every query, we're committed to your success. Our dedicated data specialists provide actionable insights by answering crucial questions, demonstrating TV's impact. With rapid, granular reporting, our team continuously optimizes your campaigns. This ensures that each campaign reaches its peak potential.

  • Smart, speedy, and transparent execution

    Powered by AI and our precision targeting capabilities, we build the most efficient media plan to reach target audiences on linear and streaming. Our tech platform, TV+, integrates with over 250 partners to ensure speedy activation. Clients can pull granular, real-time data from TV+ to measure how campaigns are performing and extract insights to optimize in-flight or for the next campaign.

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    New to TV ad buying? No problem!

    • Getting started on TV advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. Simulmedia recommends a test and learn approach that enables you to quickly identify what’s working, eliminate what’s not and reach the audiences that matter to you.

    Here is Simulmedia’s approach to scale TV from zero to sustained growth


      Starting at low entry budget, we’ll test which creatives, dayparts, networks and programs generate the optimal results for your brand.


      We’ll apply learnings from phase 1, buying more of what works and cutting what doesn’t.


      We’ll continue to double-down on top performing units while exploring the market to fine new pockets of your target audience. This is the key to sustained growth.

    Reach strategic audience with surgical precision with TV+®

    • Simulmedia’s TV+ platform, with its guaranteed cross-channel inventory and ability to surgically target audiences everywhere they’re watching TV, enables marketers to confidently drive successful outcomes through their video advertising.

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