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Find your high-response strategic audience

Marketers that rely on index-based buying often achieve more frequency and limited reach. TV+® harnesses the power of big data and AI to forecast what, where, and when their strategic audiences will watch in the future and build a plan to maximize reach as cost-efficiently as possible. TV+ is the only TV advertising platform that leverages AI to plan, activate, and measure linear TV campaigns.

Find strategic audiences with precision, efficiency, speed, and certainty on TV+®

  • A more efficient audience-based approach

    Index-based age + gender buying is inefficient and leads to over-frequency and limited reach. TV+ is the only TV advertising platform that provides the surgical precision to cherry-pick spots (down to the minute) where strategic audiences are on a national scale. We go beyond age and gender demos to target and maximize unduplicated reach of each campaign's strategic audience and find them in the most efficient way on TV.

  • Guaranteed and optimal inventory

    Our unique TV+ platform analyzes past audience-viewing behavior and inventory supply dynamics on linear TV to recommend the most efficient media plan that optimizes reach and minimizes frequency. We guarantee to reach the impression targets outlined in our proposals so that marketers don’t have to worry about missing campaign targets.

  • Simple and nimble TV buying

    TV+ eliminates complexity and friction, allowing us to traffic and launch campaigns in as little as three days. The flexibility of the TV+ platform enables us to quickly deliver bespoke scenarios based on client-specific needs and changing market conditions.

  • More transparent than anyone else

    Tired of asking for reports that don’t give enough detail? We make TV+ near real-time campaign results available anytime through the intuitive, interactive, and personalized TV+ Reporting Hub, which provides a holistic view of each campaign’s linear components (including networks, channels, dayparts, and creative.)

Predict the best place and time to reach target audiences on linear TV

Let big data inform every media decision. TV+® ingests over 2B viewership events daily across 100M+ households to build the industry’s most comprehensive person-level Viewership Graph. Our Viewership Graph powers patented predictive algorithms to maximize the reach of campaigns while managing frequency. In other words, marketers can get advertising messages to their strategic audience with the most efficient media plan possible.

Know where your strategic audience will be on TV

  • The Simulmedia team leverages TV+’ patented predictive AI algorithms to pinpoint where each person in a high-response audience can be found on data-driven linear TV and generate an optimized media plan that delivers better reach and performance outcomes.

  • PlanSee what web and app visitors are watching on TV

    Want to know the TV viewing habits of visitors engaging with your digital properties to inform the media plan? Just place a small piece of code on the website and start receiving insights about visitors’ TV-viewing behavior, including their top shows, genres, and networks.

  • PlanBenchmark prior campaign performance against competitors


    Insight into your competitors' TV campaigns is a coveted but hard-to-acquire resource.

    TV+ Market Insights allow marketers to compare their campaign's strategic audience reach to their competitors. They can even contrast cost-per-reach to determine each campaign's cost-efficiency.

    TV+ Media Reports allow them to dig into competitors’ campaigns and see which networks and programs deliver the greatest unduplicated reach while minimizing over-frequency. These views provide the insights needed to improve media plans with confidence.

  • ActivateBuild Unique Strategic Audiences

    Each brand is unique – and so is its target audience! Using only gender and age demographics to define target audiences leads to waste: these campaigns end up reaching many people who aren’t interested and find the message irrelevant.

    TV+, and its integration with Nielsen/MRI and Experian audiences, gives access to thousands of audience pools. Precision-target strategic audiences by their hobbies, interests, brand affinities, purchase behavior, ownership, lifestyle, habits, and more.

  • ActivateCreate the optimal TV media plan


    There are over 1,400,200 possible spots to choose from when planning a two-week campaign. Take the guesswork out of media planning by forecasting, at the person-level, what, where and when audiences will be watching.

    TV+ brings data science to TV media planning and buying by fusing audience behaviors with inventory-supply dynamics and parameters like budget, timeframe, and network restrictions, TV+ constructs the single best plan. Once the plan gets approved, our team speedily handles execution through automated integrations with 150+ networks.

  • MeasureGet holistic and transparent measurement

    To optimize TV campaigns, marketers need to get granular measurements to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. TV+ provides real-time reporting at the most granular level – by network/publisher, program, daypart, and day of the week – with complete transparency into all key performance metrics for both in-flight and completed TV campaigns, including how their advertising is driving web visits, app installs, and more.

    • Identify the metrics and KPIs that matter most for the business and measure them on your terms
    • Receive real-time media and performance metrics for every campaign
  • MeasureMeasure attributed engagement


    When advertising on TV, marketers often see a spike in traffic or lower-funnel events on their website. But how do marketers convince the CFO that TV works without something more quantifiable?

    TV+ ties the airings of the brand’s spots with surges in traffic or actions. Using time-based correlation, we can attribute outlier spikes of traffic and actions above a baseline to specific linear campaign airings.

  • OptimizeExtend the reach of direct buys

    Worried that an existing direct media buy won’t reach enough of your target audience? Through TV+, we dramatically expand the on-target incremental reach of direct buys with a complementary media buy. Using our Viewership Graph, we detect the members of the target audience the existing media plan is not likely to reach and activate a plan that finds them efficiently on other networks and dayparts.

    TV+ Holistic Reporting shows the performance of your direct buy side-by-side with the Simulmedia buy.

Flexible, automated buying through integrations with the top TV networks

  • Use TV+ to seamlessly find your strategic audience with guaranteed impression delivery across national linear TV.

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Activation Options for All Your Needs

  • Get the high-performing plan you need with the flexibility to add other inventory that your business objectives may require.

  • Get the TV+ Data-Driven Audience-Based Plan

  • Choose Specific Networks, Days of Week, and Dayparts

  • Choose Specific Shows/Programs

Say goodbye to TV’s black box

Technology and data science have advanced significantly in the last 15 years, so there’s no reason to buy TV the same way we were buying 15 years ago.

The TV+ Advertising Platform allows brands and agencies to expand beyond inefficient upfront or index-based buying and move towards AI-powered audience-based buying. With TV+, marketers have the granular data to know exactly what’s driving more incremental reach, engagement, and outcomes from their TV buys. TV+ lets marketers plan and execute upfront-scale, network-agnostic, data-driven TV campaigns, measure and export campaign data into preferred business intelligence and visualization tools, and extract insights to run smarter campaigns in the future.

  • Providing the broadest and most cost-efficient reach and driving the best outcomes through campaigns across linear, CTV, and gaming for all types of brands

Ready to reach strategic audiences across all of TV?

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