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Connecting Companies, Advertisers and Agencies to Viewers on TV and Streaming Services

Simulmedia is the leader at buying TV ads across different channels. Our platform called TV+® helps us reach viewers, measure the impact of ads and get results, no matter where people watch TV or stream.

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Our Past, Our Future

Simulmedia began in 2008 with new ways of using data and technology to place and improve TV ads, which changed the way TV ads are done. Our TV+® platform makes it easy for companies and agencies to reach a lot of viewers on regular TV and streaming services without showing the same ad to the same person multiple times. In addition, our PlayerWON™ platform helps brands reach and connect with young people who play video games on their computers or gaming consoles.

Transparency and Accountability Come Built Right In

All of Simulmedia's clients have access to special reports that show them the results and suggestions for improvement of their campaigns in close to real time.

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Don't sweat the big stuff

Simulmedia uses technology, account service and reporting to make it easy and clear for companies of any size to buy ads, taking care of all the hard work for them.

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Get the best spots in the house

Simulmedia's clients can easily buy ads on national networks, streaming platforms and game publishers because of our direct integrations.

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Surgical precision – at scale

Our TV+® platform helps advertisers find the people who are most likely to respond to their ads and it suggests the best way to reach them, no matter where the people are watching TV or streaming content.

A Solution for Every Advertiser and Agency

Simulmedia can help companies and agencies quickly start using TV and streaming ads to promote their brands or websites, whether you want to increase brand recognition or send more visitors to their website.

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See What Customers Say

No matter their size, brands from a variety of industries have found sustained results with Simulmedia.

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Robert Tas, Chief Growth Officer

“The dashboard was invaluable in helping our team think about the execution of the campaign and what we could prescriptively do to optimize our budget a...

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Shaun Farrar, Senior Director of Global Media

“Simulmedia’s unique approach to building audience reach has enabled us to consistently find our core audience in unique places while driving our costs ...

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Steve Hartmann, Head of Integrated Marketing

“In digital, there are so many targeting capabilities that just weren’t available in TV, but through Simulmedia we’re actually able to create audiences ...

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We Don't Just Work at Simulmedia

Meet the people who keep Simulmedia running.

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Ready to Reach Audiences Across All of TV?

Get started by requesting a TV+® demo to learn more about how Simulmedia can deliver reach, results and measurement for your TV or streaming campaign.