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About Simulmedia®

The premiere linear and streaming TV advertising company to drive growth and performance

Leverage our team of TV Experts to plan, buy, and measure advertising across linear TV, streaming and gaming

Simulmedia is your trusted partner for tackling the most challenging TV-related issues and driving TV advertising growth. With our turnkey Performance TV® solution, backed by the AI-powered TV+® Advertising Platform, we empower advertisers and agencies to intelligently plan and purchase linear, streaming, and gaming TV ads. This lets them reach and engage strategic audiences while minimizing costs.

Our past, our future

Simulmedia began in 2008 with new ways of using data and technology to place and improve TV ads, which changed the way TV advertising was done. The Simulmedia team, backed by our AI-powered TV+ platform, makes it easy for brands and agencies to reach their strategic audiences on regular TV and streaming services while optimizing on reach and minimizing frequency.

Attain transparency and executional excellence in TV media buying

  • Simulmedia’s managed services team plan and execute every guaranteed linear and CTV buys with speed and efficiency. Through TV+®, clients have access to reports that show them granular results that tells them what’s working and suggestions on how to optimize their next campaign.

  • Don’t sweat the big stuff

    Simulmedia’s client success team takes care of all the hard work by using technology, automation, and AI to build the most efficient, data-informed media plan and to simplify the process of buying ads for companies and agencies of any size.

  • Get the best spots in the house

    The Simulmedia team can easily buy ads on national networks, streaming platforms, and game publishers fast because of TV+’ direct integrations with every player in the linear and CTV universe.

  • Surgical precision – at scale

    Simulmedia’s client success team leverage the TV+ platform to help advertisers find the people who are most likely to respond to their ads. TV+ suggests the most efficient path to reach our clients’ strategic audiences, no matter what, when, and where they watch TV or streaming.

We’re the industry’s trusted, tech-powered partner for planning and buying on linear and connected TV

Simulmedia helps companies and agencies plan, buy, and optimize their TV campaigns with optimal efficiency. We hone in on marketers’ target audience and, leveraging AI and automation through our TV+® platform, reach them with precision and maximum efficiency. No one lets brands leverage TV to build brand awareness, drive digital engagement, and acquire customers more effectively than Simulmedia.

Simulmedia: your reliable linear and CTV ally

  • Whether you’re looking for a more streamlined TV buying execution, deeper audience insights, or a one-stop shop to upskill teams in the linear and CTV universe, we work tirelessly to establish and prove the success of our clients’ TV campaign

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