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CTV advertising platform

Reach streamers quickly and efficiently with TV+®

The ad-supported Connected TV universe is growing fast but fragmenting even faster. Simulmedia’s TV+ Connected TV Platform allows us to plan, activate, measure, and optimize CTV campaigns across major streaming apps. TV+ is purpose-built for CTV campaigns, so marketers can stop relying on repurposed banner-based technologies and instead rely on a platform powered by data science built on top of the largest Viewership Graph in the industry.

Reach high-response strategic audience on connected TV with TV+®

  • Find audiences with confidence

    Collaborate with your CSM to define a strategic audience with maximum precision based on thousands of demographics, interests, affinities, and other attributes. Find lookalikes to site visitors to expand a CTV campaign’s audience pool. TV+ delivers insights into their CTV viewership behavior and efficiently locates them across our 100+ streaming inventory partners, including walled gardens.

  • Premium, fraud-free access to transparent, high-quality inventory

    Though CTV fraud is on the rise, there is no need to worry. We partner directly with premium publishers, ensuring buys reach actual people, not bots or bad actors. TV+ provides a significant level of show and genre-level transparency in any CTV buy, giving the added security of advertising only in brand-aligned places.

  • Drive better outcomes

    Advertising on CTV can drive more visitors, installs, and conversions on marketers’ sites and apps—and TV+ helps prove it. By leveraging an array of measurement and optimization tools, TV+ deterministically shows how CTV campaign drives the KPIs marketers care about most and how to optimize and continuously improve buys.

  • Scale CTV campaigns on the big screen

    The industry plays games by routing CTV ads to smaller mobile and laptop screens. We've negotiated 150+ deals with top streaming publishers to guarantee your campaign scales without problem, and your ads only show up on actual TVs.

Manage the consequences of fragmentation

Working with multiple DSPs to access exclusive inventory from different walled gardens leads to over-frequency and unreconciled metrics. But these problems can become a thing of the past. With the TV+ Connected TV Platform, receive unified, de-duplicated impression and frequency metrics, determine the optimal frequency to maximize outcomes, and manage buys to prevent wasting spend on the CTV over-frequency that annoys audiences.

Finally, an advertising platform purpose-built for Connected TV

  • We leverage a platform whose workflows, dashboards, algorithms, and patented analytics are designed specifically for the CTV world to plan, activate, and measure every CTV campaign.

  • PlanWhat’s your audience streaming on ad-supported CTV?

    There’s a ton of viewership data on CTV out in the wild, and most of it is useless to marketers because most CTV audiences still consume content in ad-free environments.

    TV+ uniquely isolates the CTV consumption on ad-supported streaming apps and gives you insight into the best places to reach them.

  • ActivateHow do you find strategic audiences in CTV?

    Most audience providers are optimized to work in the web-based world but disappoint in CTV. Lookalike models are often based on web browsing behavior rather than TV viewing behavior.

    TV+ works with vetted audience partners with a strong footprint of CTV households. TV+ lets marketers target not only through demographic attributes but also through strategic ones like interests, affinities, purchase intent, preferred genres, TV viewing behavior, viewership lookalike, and more.

  • MeasureHow do you get transparency in an opaque, fragmented CTV supply chain?

    Don’t put up with merging reports from different DSPs. Don’t tolerate having poor visibility into which shows a campaign’s ads appear next to.

    TV+ integrations with clean rooms across major inventory sources de-duplicate impression and reach metrics and fuse them into a consolidated dashboard. TV+ also interprets and reconciles various programmatic signals to provide show-level reporting, ensuring that ads appear next to brand-aligned programs.

  • MeasureHow do you know which aspects of a CTV buy drives business outcomes?


    CTV campaigns can successfully drive more people to visit a website, install an app, complete a form, and even make a purchase. But marketers need reliable, deterministic attribution to trace the line from ad exposure on Connected TVs to a successful website checkout on a laptop.

    Fortunately, TV+ does that! See which streaming apps, creative, device types, dayparts, and timeframes drive the desired mid- and lower-funnel outcomes that move the business forward.

  • MeasureHow do you prove to the CFO that your CTV campaign indisputably drives value?


    Address the naysayers head-on with proof that CTV isn’t cannibalizing attribution from other marketing channels but is, in fact, driving real incremental lift.

    TV+ Incremental Lift Studies sets up an A|B experiment on campaigns to isolate the impact of CTV campaign exposure. This experiment would not only prove the value of the CTV channel but would also identify the publishers, dayparts, and creative contributing to that incremental lift.

  • OptimizeHow do you continuously optimize and learn?

    Tired of black box automation engines? Optimization Engines should tell marketers how it’s reallocating their budget as campaigns are in-flight so they can learn what’s working and course correct if needed.

    TV+’s Automated Performance Optimization (APO) Engine provides unprecedented control and transparency unique to an opaque industry. See why TV+ allocates more budget to certain dayparts, creative, streaming services, and devices. APO even tells marketers how much KPI lift it delivers versus a set-it-and-forget-it approach.

  • OptimizeHow do you get more incremental reach from an existing CTV buy?


    Break out of plateaus from an existing CTV buy! Extend unduplicated reach with a complementary Simulmedia buy that leverages AI to maximize impact.

    We’ll use TV+ Reach Extender to find unreached audiences in places and times outside of an existing buy with minimal waste and duplication. TV+ also provides holistic reporting to show the performance of both original and extension buys side-by-side.

Premium CTV inventory sourced from the top streaming platforms

  • TV+ helps us deliver high-response, strategic audiences with guaranteed CPMs on CTV and optimize campaigns toward driving consumers down the marketing funnel.

Some of our CTV partners

Purchase CTV across a full range of options

  • 0%

    of CTV is purchased through guaranteed manual insertions

  • 0%

    of CTV is purchased through programmatic guaranteed

  • Only 0%

    of CTV is purchased non-guaranteed through OpenRTB and Private Marketplaces

Most banner-based DSPs and providers limit marketers to the small pool of premium inventory available through auctions – estimated to be only 5-7% of available CTV inventory. As a result, marketers may struggle to hit their aggressive targets. Because Simulmedia already has strong relationships with 100+ CTV suppliers, marketers can rely on our buying teams to purchase and scale media in the best possible way to meet their goals.
  • Direct guaranteed insertion orders

  • Programmatic guaranteed

  • Non-guaranteed private marketplace deals

Reach target audiences on CTV with an expert

Simulmedia uses technology built from the ground up to plan, activate, and measure specifically for CTV. Retrofitting banner-based technology won’t cut it. It won’t give the guaranteed, speedy, efficient, and transparent execution needed.

Simulmedia’s CTV Advertising Platform, TV+, liberates brands and agencies from unreliable targeting, inefficient workflows, and limited and opaque reports. Export CTV campaign data to downstream data warehouses and visualization tools to help run marketing like a well-oiled machine.

Ready to be the next CTV superstar?

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