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How San Francisco Bay Ferry Targeted Their Niche Audience Using TV+

How San Francisco Bay Ferry Targeted Their Niche Audience Using TV+

For over 10,000 daily passengers, The San Francisco Bay Ferry is the way to get across the San Francisco Bay. How could the public ferry service expand its reach to build better brand awareness among its target audience?

The Challenge

Over 7 million people reside in the Bay area. Of this group, the San Francisco Bay Ferry had aimed to build brand awareness among two key demographics: 1) Single individuals likely to ride the ferry for a date night or excursion with friends and 2) families who enjoy day trips.

By doing so, the public ferry service could encourage prospective riders to think about using the ferry for leisurely excursions.

But reaching such a niche demographic would pose a challenge. The ferry service would need to target at a granular level constrained to the Bay Area — doing otherwise would result in hundreds of thousands of wasted impressions outside their physical locations.

Enter connected TV, offering both massive reach and granular targeting capabilities — perfect for companies like the San Francisco Bay Ferry looking to reach specific audience segments cost-effectively. But while CTV held potential, it also posed a novel challenge. To succeed in this unfamiliar landscape, they would need the right experts to guide them, the appropriate technology to fuel their campaign, and the ability to glean insights about their target audience post-flight.


  • Drive reach cost-effectively
  • Boost impressions
  • Build brand awareness


  • Nearly 500,000 impressions
  • Nearly 100,000 reach
  • $.17 Cost per Reach

The Solution

The San Francisco Bay Ferry looked to Simulmedia, leveraging their robust TV+ platform and connected TV expertise.

Working alongside the San Francisco Bay Ferry’s agency Partner, Next Steps Marketing, our team of experts was able to devise a plan to find and target their strategic audience with precision. So how’d we do it?

Both our team of experts and Next Steps Marketing conducted extensive research to create a well-thought-out plan. On our end, we predicted what, where, and when this audience would most likely be watching using TV+’s powerful Viewership Graph — able to pull billions of consumer signals from hundreds of fragmented data sets to model the TV viewing habits of 100 M+ US households.

Using this deep understanding of viewership patterns and powerful predictive analytics, we then targeted this strategic audience through a combination of granular audience and geographical targeting, allowing San Francisco Bay Ferry to effectively reach their core audience.

Smooth experience all around! The communication skill of their reps is amazing. They are always willing to hop on a call to go over any questions or concerns. They also keep a close eye on the campaigns they run and are able to catch errors and act quickly to correct them.

Evis Henriquez
Marketing Analyst at Next Steps Marketing

The Results

Even with a niche audience, Simulmedia’s TV+ was able to maximize San Francisco Bay Ferry’s cost-efficient reach. Just take a look at the numbers.

$0.17cost per reach

The results paint a clear picture. TV+’s audience-based approach and precise targeting, coupled with Next Steps Marketing’s own planning and research, increased impressions while driving down Cost per Reach to just 17 cents. In other words, the public ferry service was able to achieve unduplicated weekly reach as cost-efficiently as possible.

Better still, San Francisco Bay Ferry was able to extract invaluable learnings from their campaigns. Our experts pulled a custom report showcasing the number of impressions by town names so that the ferry could learn the locations of their target audience. Using this granular data, San Francisco Bay Ferry could turn these insights into optimizations for future campaigns.

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