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How a Leading Cable Network Drove Tune-In For Their Holiday Movies With Simulmedia's TV+

How a Leading Cable Network Drove Tune-In For Their Holiday Movies With Simulmedia's TV+

With the holiday season fast approaching, a leading cable network was eager to promote its premiere of several seasonal movies airing on linear TV. How could the network reach the right viewers and drive tune-in?

The Challenge

The Christmas season is a crucial time for content providers. Research shows 65% of US consumers tune in to holiday-related content during the fall and winter.

For one leading cable network, this blockbuster season (also known as the most wonderful time of the year) was more important than ever — the network had four holiday movie premieres ready to hit the big screen. Their goals included driving incremental reach before the movies’ big premieres and getting potential viewers to tune-in.

But driving tune-in wouldn't be easy with fierce competition. The holiday season is notorious for high viewership and other networks would be vying for the same eyeballs in front of their own programming. Worse still, audience fragmentation is at an all-time high in the linear TV landscape. To effectively generate awareness and convert viewers, the network would need to be smart in who they targeted, as well as when and where.


  • Effectively reach the target audience
  • Drive their key conversion: Tune-In
  • Make the most of the blockbuster season


  • Drove over 860K conversions
  • Achieved a CPCV of $.35
  • Delivered 105% of the guaranteed audience

The Solution

The cable network turned to Simulmedia and its powerful TV+ platform to reach its target audience and drive viewership.

The network came to Simulmedia with a base plan targeting women aged 25 to 54. To take their plan to the next level, our team used its expertise to build a custom audience with a high propensity to tune in. Rather than target viewers based on core demographics, we cast a wider net by targeting viewers at the household level. Better still, we targeted those heavily tuned-in to made-for-holiday movies across competitive networks.

With the target audience built, it was time to set the plan in motion using our TV+ platform and its patented predictive technology.

Here's how it works: Our viewership graph leverages cutting-edge technology to gather billions of consumer signals from hundreds of fragmented data sets to model the TV viewing habits of 100MM+ US households. We then employ predictive analytics to identify significant patterns and anticipate future viewing behaviors. These valuable insights are then translated into an actionable media plan recommendation, allowing us to activate strategies effectively on linear TV platforms.

The Results

The results were nothing short of impressive. The optimized campaign drove significant incremental viewership and conversion against their base plan — our custom audience drove 2x the number of conversions compared to the total base.

860thousand conversions
105 %delivery of the guaranteed audience

The numbers paint a clear picture: Our audience-centric strategy and powerful predictive algorithm reached above and beyond the network's base plan — delivering efficient, unduplicated reach and maximizing conversions. And because our plan goes beyond standard network and dayparts, we maximized audience reach and guaranteed audience delivery — ensuring we consistently deliver as a trusted partner.

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