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How Simulmedia Helped a Premium Department Store Refocus on Cross-Channel TV to Reach New Customers

How Simulmedia Helped a Premium Department Store Refocus on Cross-Channel TV to Reach New Customers

The Challenge

Making TV a Good Fit for Longtime Digital Advertiser

A premium department store with hundreds of U.S. locations realized it was dramatically underinvested in video and continuing to lose share in the competitive retail clothing category, which was leaning harder into TV advertising.

In addition, the client was not seeing satisfactory low-funnel results from its years-long investment in digital media.

The client needed a robust TV strategy that both lifted its brand awareness and generated traffic to its website.

The Solution

Use Cross-Channel TV to Drive Brand Awarness and E-commerce

Simulmedia’s unique TV+® platform for automated planning, buying and activation across both linear and CTV enabled the client to unlock the value of truly cross-channel TV advertising to reach incremental consumers, while at the same time increasing overall reach against their core audiences.

Through direct integrations with over 250 linear and CTV networks and publishers, TV+ gave the client unified access to 120 million U.S. households. But knowing that 60 million U.S. households regularly view both linear and CTV, it was crucial to avoid wasteful and costly duplication.

Simulmedia built a target comprised of W25-54 guaranteed, W25-54 with a household income of $50K+ optimized, and around the client’s competitive audiences. The budget was split across 64 linear and CTV networks and publishers, with the primary objective of driving brand awareness and e-commerce.

The Results

Generating Incremental Reach, Visits and Value With Linear & CTV

Simulmedia achieved 113% of the guaranteed impressions, reaching 15MM in the guaranteed target of W25-54, or 24.6% of the total audience. The cross-channel campaign reached 11MM people in the optimized target, reaching 24.1% of the total audience. Through access to premium CTV inventory, Simulmedia reached over 1.9MM people in their strategic target.

TV advertising case study bar chart showing growth of impressions and reach day over day

Less than 3% of the exposed HHs were reached by both linear and CTV campaigns, reducing wasteful ad spend in overlap reach. With 10% of the overall spend, the CTV campaign drove almost 18% in incremental reach.

Overall web traffic from the cross-channel campaign reached over 80.6MM unique individuals, and drove over 1.2MM attributable visits to the client’s website. The entire campaign drove over 244K unique attributable visits to the client’s website.

Having exceeded expectations across all three audience targets, Simulmedia’s linear campaign resulted in $173K in incremental media value for the premium department store client.

TV advertising case study bar chart showing incremental unduplicated CTV reach
15 MMPeople in the guaranteed target reached
18 %Incremental CTV reach driven by the campaign
1.2 MMAttributable visits driven to client's website
$173 KIncremental media value generated for client