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Simulmedia's Stand Against Trademark Infringement in the TV Advertising Space

Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan  |  Executive Chairman
Published: Nov. 27, 2023

At Simulmedia we have used the "TV+" trademark (federally registered) for years with our innovative tech for premium CTV ad targeting and activation.

We don't like the confusion here. We especially don't like being confused with less-than-premium inventory and non-transparency. We will vigorously defend our brand and trademarks and, in the spirit and practice of full transparency, are sharing here publicly the letter that we sent to OpenX counsel requesting that the company Cease and Desist from infringing on our TV+ trademark.

OpenX Cease and Desist Page 1

OpenX Cease and Desist Letter Page 2

OpenX Cease and Desist Letter Page 3

OpenX Cease and Desist Letter Page 4