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Strategic Integration: CTV Marketing Strategy in the Omnichannel Landscape

Published: Nov. 15, 2023

An integrated omnichannel strategy serves as the foundation for success in the modern marketing world. This guide takes a deep dive into the complexities of crafting an effective Connected TV (CTV) strategy, showcasing its pivotal role within the overarching omnichannel approach. Understanding the essential nature of an omnichannel strategy, tailored to ensure a consistent brand experience across diverse channels, is crucial for engaging today's multifaceted consumer.

As eMarketer data underscores, the proliferation of smart TVs has reached an impressive 61.9% in H1 2023, indicating a 5 percentage point YoY increase and a substantial surge from 43.1% in 2019. These numbers underscore the ubiquity of smart TVs, now a dominant force in households across income levels.

Smart TV Ownership in US H1 2022 and H1 2023

Furthermore, the data illuminates the significant surge in average US time spent consuming online TV and streaming, reaching 1:50 in H1 2023. This noteworthy statistic positions the US as the second-highest among tracked countries, trailing only Saudi Arabia. The upward trajectory in time spent with online TV and streaming, soaring by 34.1% since 2019, highlights the growing influence and appeal of CTV.

Average time spent with media in the US, H1 2022 and H1 2023

The eMarketer insights also reveal the pervasive nature of on-demand and streaming service viewership across demographics, transcending age, income, and household locations. Notably, Gen Zers lead the charge with an impressive penetration rate of 97.4% for ages 16 to 24. Even age cohorts traditionally considered below the tech adoption curve, such as ages 55 to 64, boast a robust 87% penetration. As we delve into how to integrate CTV strategy into your omnichannel strategy, these statistics underscore the profound reach and impact this channel brings to the forefront. Now, let's explore the practical steps to harness the potential of CTV in your comprehensive marketing strategy.

Video-on-demand (VOD) viewers in the US, H1 2022 and H1 2023

How CTV Complements Linear TV

Let’s start with the basics – de-siloing the two major TV platforms. Understanding the synergies between Connected TV (CTV) and traditional linear TV is a smart onramp to crafting an integrated marketing campaign. Rather than being adversaries, these channels can be powerful partners, each bringing its unique strengths to the table. Linear TV, with its expansive reach, continues to be a juggernaut, capturing the attention of diverse audiences. In contrast, CTV offers a more personalized viewing experience, allowing advertisers to tailor content to specific audience segments.

Our TV+ advertising platform sheds light on the current landscape, revealing that the total time spent by P2+ on Linear TV and ad-supported Connected TV is 3 hours and 54 minutes. Notably, 79% of this time is dedicated to Linear TV, highlighting its enduring significance. However, the remaining 21% on ad-supported Connected TV signifies a substantial and growing share, underscoring the increasing relevance of CTV in the media landscape.

P2+ average daily viewing time by TV platform

Further insights from our platform emphasize the nuanced viewing habits of households. Approximately 27% of households are exclusively reachable through ad-supported CTV, indicating a trend of cord-cutters or cord-nevers. On the flip side, 57% of households are reachable by both Linear and Connected TV, illustrating the hybrid nature of many households' TV setups. Notably, CTV proves to be a more efficient avenue for reaching a significant portion of this audience.

P2+ cross-channel household distribution

Crucially, consumers perceive it all as TV, and this perspective necessitates a holistic approach for marketers. Achieving a comprehensive view of their entire TV campaign becomes imperative, incorporating de-duplicated cross-channel reach and frequency metrics. This approach enables marketers to measure performance across the entire spectrum of TV, ensuring a nuanced understanding of their campaign's impact and efficiency. As we delve into the integration of CTV into the broader marketing strategy, these insights illuminate the evolving dynamics of the TV landscape.

Integration with Overall Marketing Strategy

To harness CTV's full potential, it's imperative to seamlessly integrate it into your broader marketing strategy. As your messaging unfolds across the immersive CTV landscape, aligning with your brand's storytelling ethos, it simultaneously harmonizes with strategies on other owned, earned, and paid channels. This cohesive messaging approach ensures a consistent brand narrative that resonates across channels.

The precision applied to audience targeting in social media campaigns can enhance your approach by refining audience segmentation for CTV. When you use precise targeting on social media to reach specific demographics or interests, you can apply these refined audience segments (when available from 3rd party audience providers) to your CTV targeting strategy. This alignment not only improves audience engagement but also streamlines the execution of marketing initiatives. It ensures that your CTV campaigns are more focused and resonant, reaching the right viewers with greater efficiency.

Moreover, overarching campaign objectives should be a shared beacon guiding each channel, whether it's fostering brand awareness, driving sales, or highlighting a specific product. This comprehensive alignment isn't just about uniformity—it's about crafting a holistic customer journey. Understanding CTV's role in the broader narrative allows strategically placed touchpoints to seamlessly integrate with other channels, crafting an interconnected experience that resonates throughout every customer interaction.

Creative Synergies and Cross-Channel Impact

Unlock the full potential of your creative assets by seamlessly integrating them across channels. Repurpose engaging CTV creatives in other platforms such as social media or display advertising to amplify your message. This not only ensures a consistent brand narrative but also maximizes brand visibility across diverse touchpoints.

Moreover, it's not just a one-way street. Consider leveraging user-generated videos from your influencer channels as valuable raw materials for your CTV creative. This bidirectional approach allows you to tap into the authenticity of user-generated content while maintaining a cohesive brand story.

Integrating CTV with your social media strategy means combining the strengths of both channels to create a more powerful and cohesive brand presence. By aligning your CTV campaigns with your social media efforts, you ensure that the messages and stories you tell on each platform work together harmoniously. This coordination fosters a stronger connection with your audience, making your brand more memorable and impactful. In essence, it's about using the unique advantages of CTV and social media in tandem to provide viewers with a complete and unified brand experience.

But it doesn't stop there. CTV creative isn't confined to the TV screen; it can be a catalyst for actions on other devices. Drive viewers to your website or a landing page specific to a TV promotion, building retargeting pools for other channels. Incorporating QR codes in CTV creatives further minimizes friction across devices, creating a seamless user journey and amplifying cross-channel impact.

Attribution and Media Mix Modeling Across Channels

Understanding the impact of Connected TV (CTV) within your broader marketing mix is crucial for effective attribution and media mix modeling. Attribution in CTV involves assessing how specific touchpoints contribute to the customer's journey and identifying the role CTV plays in driving actions. Media mix modeling, on the other hand, evaluates the overall effectiveness of different channels in influencing audience behavior. In an integrated marketing campaign, various channels work synergistically, contributing touchpoints that collectively persuade the audience to take desired actions.

In the context of CTV attribution, it's essential to embrace multi-touch attribution models. These models go beyond simplistic, single-channel measurements, recognizing that customer journeys are complex and involve interactions with multiple channels. By examining touchpoints across different channels, including CTV, marketers gain a more nuanced understanding of how each contributes to the conversion process. Multi-touch attribution provides insights into the interplay between CTV and other channels, helping marketers identify patterns and refine strategies.

Media mix modeling takes a holistic approach, considering the cumulative impact of touchpoints across diverse channels. Evaluating the combined influence of CTV, display advertising, paid search, and other channels provides a comprehensive view of the marketing ecosystem. Marketers can then make informed decisions about budget distribution and optimize campaigns based on the collective impact of these touchpoints. This integrated approach ensures that CTV attribution is part of a broader strategy, recognizing the interconnected nature of touchpoints in the customer journey and maximizing the impact of every channel in the marketing mix.

Embrace the Versatility of Connected TV in Modern Marketing

Connected TV is a versatile and indispensable tool in modern marketing, seamlessly integrating into your broader strategy. By understanding its complementarity with linear TV, cross-device engagement capabilities, and potential for creative synergies, you can unlock the full potential of CTV. As the marketing landscape evolves, CTV stands as a practical and indispensable asset for brands aiming to connect with their audience across multiple touchpoints.

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