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Reach and Reward: How Brands Can Win With Gamers

Gaming is bigger than Hollywood. According to a report by research and consulting firm Accenture, the gaming industry is valued at more than $300 billion – more than the combined markets for movies and music. In 2020, over 214 million people in the U.S. reported playing video games at least one hour per week, and three-quarters of all U.S. households include at least one person who plays video games.

Of the hundreds of millions of people who regularly play games, a whopping 80% are between the ages of 13 and 34. And they’re engaged like no other audience. When gamers are sitting in front of their big-screen TV or almost-as-big PC screen, with controllers in hand, they’re definitely not multitasking. In fact, video games might be the only medium in the world whose audience is paying 100% attention.

The introduction of brands and in-game advertising into this massive and fast-emerging media platform requires managing a delicate balance centered on a single, simple and unbreakable foundation: The player is in charge. And in this playbook, we outline what brands need to know and do in order to have their in-game advertising received and even embraced by this highly elusive but incredibly valuable audience.

What This Playbook Will Cover:

  • Why It’s So Good to Be in the Gaming Business Today
  • Who Can Advertisers Reach Via Video Games?
  • Why Advertisers Must Follow the Gamer’s Rules
  • PlayerWON®: A Game Changer for In-Game Advertising