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The Cross-Channel TV Playbook: How Marketers Can Unlock Audiences on Linear and Connected TV

Since the very first TV commercial aired on July 1, 1941, the medium has evolved with the rise of premium cable, the creation of DVRs and time-shifting, the spread of social networks, the advent of subscription-based streaming and, most recently, the changes in consumer behavior caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But through all this, what hasn’t changed is the fact that TV advertising is still the most viable, effective and cost-efficient means for brands to tell their story, demonstrate their value and elicit a response from their target audience at massive national scale.

Yet many marketers still feel that TV is not appropriate for them, or is just not part of their toolkit. They may think it’s too expensive, not measurable enough, too difficult to execute successfully or completely unnecessary in light of the digital channels available now. At the same time, established TV advertisers with experience on linear TV question whether they should move their budgets away from linear (such as traditional broadcast and cable) to the growing world of connected TV (CTV).

This playbook will dispel the myths holding back brands from moving into TV, while making clear the tremendous value of both linear and CTV, preferably in combination. So whether you’re a direct-to-consumer brand accustomed to digital or a traditional TV marketer confused about streaming, read on to learn how best to get started, navigate and scale across today’s multichannel, multiplatform and multiplying TV ecosystem.

This Cross-Channel TV Advertising Playbook Will Cover:

  • The Differences Between Linear and CTV
  • The Cost of Reach and Frequency
  • Inventory and Pricing Options for Advertisers
  • Creative that Performs and Builds Brands
  • Audience Targeting and Planning
  • How to Create a Holistic Cross-Channel Approach
  • Measurement and Attribution
  • Case Studies in Scaling
  • How to Select an Agency or Vendor