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How We Drive Viewership for Entertainment Marketers: Our Playbook For Tune-In and Theatrical Campaigns

Despite a slowdown in TV production caused by the effects of the pandemic, the number of original scripted series on U.S. television in 2020 still totaled a whopping 493, while the number in 2021 reached a record-breaking 559. At the same time, Nielsen reported that live plus time-shifted TV reached 80% of adults each week, with those viewers tuning in on average for over 30 hours weekly. Meanwhile, Hollywood movie studio production is returning to pre-pandemic levels with both theatrical-exclusive and day-and-date releases steadily rolling out.

So, with more shows available to watch than ever, appetites for televised programming undiminished, tentpole movies slated for premiere dates stretching into 2024, how can TV networks, streaming services, and movie distributors drive awareness, tune-in, and box office in such a hyper-fragmented landscape?

In this guide, we reveal how entertainment marketers can neutralize the risks of low campaign reach and excessive frequency in order to find your target audience whenever and wherever they’re watching.

What This Playbook Will Cover:

  • How to find more of your target audience in a heavily fragmented TV universe
  • A unique approach to increasing early awareness before your first episode airs
  • How to make series premieres and returning shows a hit out of the gate
  • How to build up continuity throughout the season
  • Tune-in best practices we’ve learned over the years
  • How to drive conversions like streaming subscriptions and site visits through linear TV campaigns
  • How movie studios can reach the right audiences at the right time to drive box office