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Simulmedia & Brand Innovators Explore Marketing Landscape

Michael Zimbalist
Michael Zimbalist
Published: Apr. 24, 2017

We’re pleased to introduce a new video series, developed in conjunction with Brand Innovators, that explores the evolution of media, consumer engagement, and other challenges facing brand marketers in 2017.

Featuring executives from a dozen top brands including Pepsi, Dunkin’, T-Mobile, Frito Lay, Hasbro, and more, the series will explore topics such as how to harness the power of TV in an era of fragmentation, the rising mobility of consumers, marketing with a consumer mindset, and the impact of emerging technologies on marketing strategy.

In addition to surveying the marketing landscape, our goal was to get some unique perspective on all the advancements and changes that marketers have been tasked to make sense of—because it’s not just the TV landscape that’s changing. With the proliferation of mobile, the rise of VR and AR, and the desire among consumers for greater personalization, innovation is required in all areas of marketing.

The common theme amongst the innovations is the need for each brand to drive performance. From developing a more holistic view of their customers, to uniting audience strategies across digital and TV, and the constant push for provable results, these brand innovators will share their secrets for how to steer your company into the future.

We’re excited to share their ideas and insights, and hope you’ll find them valuable. Starting April 25th, we’ll release a new video covering a different topic every Tuesday for nine consecutive weeks. In the meantime, check out the video below to see what you can expect.