Wall Street's Take On The Latest Marketing and Media Trends with BMO Capital Markets

Dan Salmon, Managing Director and Equity Research Analyst with BMO Capital Markets, joined us for our most recent episode of Simulmedia Live. Dan covers some of the most innovative, marketing-driven companies in the Media and Internet sectors, like Amazon, Google, and Netflix, and ad agencies as well.

We invited Dan because he has a unique perspective on the top marketing and media trends in the TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom) landscape. In this livestream, Simulmedia’s SVP of Marketing Matt Collins asks Dan to address the distinction between top-down and bottom-up advertising, give examples of brands that operate in each category, and describe how these two categories are slowly converging. Dan also describes how internet companies have adopted the direct-to-consumer (D2C) model to build stronger customer relationships, how digitally-native brands determine it’s time to level-up and invest in TV, how the most valuable marketers in the eyes of CMOs and CFOs are tracking insights from the customer journey, and so much more.

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