Simulmedia TV Marketplace Update For April 3, 2020

Matt Collins

SVP, Marketing

I’m excited to announce that we’re using Observable to share this week’s update on how the TV advertising marketplace is evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a link to this week’s update. We love the way Observable allows us to visualize data, and the editing tools are a snap.

Highlights for the week include:

  • TV viewing continues to climb overall, though not at the rate we have seen in the previous couple of weeks.
  • Overall, these viewing gains have generated billions of additional impressions in the market.
  • These gains can be found across programming genres, with the notable exception of sports, which continues to see audience declines as a result of live event cancellations and postponements.
  • Many people have asked us about pricing. While the market is changing all the time, Simulmedia's position on this has not changed: Simulmedia's platform always gets the best possible price for the results advertisers and agencies seek. With increased supply in the market right now, it's a great time to capitalize on advantageous pricing.

Finally, we renew our impressions prediction game. Several of you entered last week, and we’ll be congratulating the winner early this coming week. Here’s how the game works:

  • Using our patented forecasting tools, below we predict the 10 most popular shows that will air this coming Tuesday, April 7.
  • We invite you to try beating our predictions. Simply email me ( or your seller or account manager the total, cumulative number of impressions you think these shows will get.
  • The guess that gets closest to the actual number of total impressions these 10 shows actually generate will win a gift card they can use to support their favorite local restaurant.

Top 10 Forecasted TV Programs on Tuesday, April 7th

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