Simulmedia TV Marketplace Update For April 10, 2020

Matt Collins

SVP, Marketing

Last week, we reported that over the last three weeks of March, there was a stunning 3.18 billion cumulative increase in impressions on linear TV. With live sports events being canceled or postponed and more people watching generally, we wanted to know how these impressions are being distributed. Knowing this has profound implications for media planning.

We learned that the percentage of programs that have a 0.5 Nielsen rating or higher had tripled by the end of March. That may not sound like much, but the majority of programming on TV these days gets ratings of 0.5 or less. This is a clear sign of increased audience fragmentation.

This means that regardless of your TV advertising campaign objective - customer acquisition, store visits, app downloads, website visits, calls to a call center, or just increased audience reach, for example - your plans must include more programs on more networks. It’s the only way that marketers and agencies can keep up with what is very clearly a more widely distributed linear TV audience.

This is where Simulmedia can help. Our software and relationships with more than 100 national networks lets us buy as broadly as a reach-maximizing, high performance plan requires.

Conversely, plans that are dependent on DR or that are bought traditionally but on fewer nets and with fewer programs on the plan will result in less reach and possibly increasing frequency to unproductive levels. Less reach = fewer customers engaged = weaker campaign results.

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We’ve also updated our weekly ratings insights, which you can access here. Week over week, total impressions declined by 1.7%, but that impression count is still 1.3 billion higher than it was just about a month ago. That, in turn, means that the market has seen more than 4.4 billion cumulative impressions materialize.

In other news, congrats to Gary Shanas of ABC for winning our first week’s contest. (The winner had to guess the total impressions that the most popular shows on Monday, 3/23, would generate.) We’ve sent Gary a gift card he can use to support his local restaurants.

If you’d like to support your local restaurants with a $100 gift card on Simulmedia, play the game! To get you started, here is what our software says will be the 10 most popular programs to air on Tuesday, April 14.

TV viewership predictions for April 14th

Here’s how the game works:

  • Using our patented forecasting tools, below we predict the 10 most popular shows that will air this coming Tuesday, April 14.
  • We invite you to try beating our predictions. Simply email me ( or your seller or account manager the total, cumulative number of impressions you think next week’s top 10 shows will get.
  • The guess that gets closest to the actual number of total impressions that the top 10 shows actually end up generating will win a gift card they can use to support their favorite local restaurant.

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