Pandemic-Proof Marketing Strategies with LinkedIn's B2B Institute

Five months ago, Jon Lombardo and Peter Weinberg joined our show to discuss the timeless marketing strategies that will power growth in 2020. Even amidst a pandemic, many of their principles still reign true. As it turns out, the strategies we should follow aren’t trendy, or any different because of this pandemic, but have proven stronger than ever.

Jon and Peter are Global Leads at the B2B Institute, LinkedIn’s think tank that partners with brand experts to research the future of B2B marketing. These two are experts on brand positioning and tell it how it is. They shared their POV on how advertisers should approach this pandemic, ranging from creative messaging and direct response vs. brand building, all the way to the power of unique reach. All in all, they agree that now is as good a time as ever to launch a brand, and gain market share while the opportunity is ripe, affordable and less competitive.

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