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Simulmedia TV Marketplace Update For June 19, 2020

Matt Collins
Matt Collins
Updated: Oct. 19, 2021
Published: Jun. 19, 2020


In an effort to keep Simulmedia's clients and partners informed on the latest changes in the linear TV advertising marketplace, we are publishing weekly updates on how TV viewing habits are changing. This report includes TV viewing data through Sunday, June 14.

Below you'll find:

  • A visualization showing overall linear TV viewership over time (starting in February).
  • Week-over-week viewing changes overall and by genre: news, entertainment, kids and sports.
  • A closer look at viewing changes at four high profile networks from each of these genres.
  • A tool you can use to look at viewing by day over the last week for any network.

Lets get started:

Line chart overall TV viewing trend week-over-week.

Line chart showing week-over-week viewership changes for TV news networks like CNBC, CNN, etc.

Line chart showing week-over-week viewership changes for kids TV networks like Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.

Line chart showing week-over-week viewership changes for entertainment networks like Comedy Central, USA, History, Discovery, etc.

Line chart showing viewership changes for sports networks like ESPN, Fox Soccer, Golf, etc.

Here are viewing trends at four high-profile networks, one for each of the genres we cover here: CNN (news), Nickelodeon (kids), HBO (entertainment) and ESPN (sports).

Collection of 4 line charts showing week-over-week viewership changes for prominent news, kids, entertainment, and sports TV networks.

Deeper Dive

This drop-down will allow you to summon a chart for every network that shows impressions at the hour level, for four weeks, one week at the time. The darker and stronger the line, the more recent the week: that way, one is able to superimpose and compare the most recent week to the previous ones.

Full Network List

Below you can find a list of all Nielsen rated networks and their week over week trends for the past four weeks. The table contains average daily impressions, as well as week-over-week variations in total impression amounts.

  • W1: 5/18 - 5/24
  • W2: 5/25 - 5/31
  • W3: 6/1 - 6/7
  • W4: 6/8 - 6/14

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