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The Milk Industry's Evolving Media Strategy to Meet Changing Demand

Published: Apr. 23, 2020

Retail sales of milk are up about 20%, meaning many more Americans are drinking more of their favorite 2% amidst the pandemic. The shifts in production and consumption as a result is forcing Milk PEP (Milk Processor Education Program, funded by the nation's milk companies, committed to building trust and demand for milk) to rapidly adjust their marketing efforts to meet the moment.

MilkPEP’s CEO Yin Rani joined us on Simulmedia Live to discuss how the nation’s milk producers are responding to the evolving market, how she’s adjusted marketing, both in terms of creative and media strategy, plus how MilkPEP plans to make up for losing its Olympics ad spots this summer.

As a relatively new leader to the organization, she also shared her advice for effective leadership in times of crisis, offering reassurance that chances are your leadership “is not inadequate, you are enough.”