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Simulmedia TV Marketplace Update For April 24, 2020

Matt Collins
Matt Collins
Published: Apr. 24, 2020

In response to our first several weeks of weekly viewership data, clients asked us, “How has TV advertising impacted conversion during the pandemic?” Great question. We’ve got answers below. Spoiler alert: brands that are advertising through the pandemic are seeing significantly more digital traffic, compared to those that could be advertising but have chosen not to.

Also, what’s up, sports fans? So good to have you back! For this week’s update, we can see a significant increase in viewership of sports content. The combination of 2020 NFL Draft coverage and ESPN’s much-anticipated release of its acclaimed “The Last Dance” documentary about the 1990s era Chicago Bulls clearly satisfied fans who have been deprived of the live action that usually makes this time of year so special.

Impact of TV Advertising on Digital Traffic During the Pandemic

Here’s the chart of the week, one that echoes what Bob Liodice, Bill Harvey, Brian Wieser, and many others have said on our livestream show, Simulmedia Live: advertising during recessionary times will help you grow share of voice and market share.

What you’ll see below is composite, anonymized data sourced from several Simulmedia advertisers. The blue line is comprised of organizations that are advertising during the pandemic and fall in a category we call "Have product, could advertise." This means that the pandemic has not impaired their supply chains or deprived them of customers, and that they are able to meet increased demand that advertising generates.

The red line is comprised of companies that also fall in the “Have product, could advertise” category, but they’ve chosen not to spend on advertising.

Finally, the Y-axis indicates a digital traffic index. It calculates an index based on the results of every beacon each advertiser has placed across websites and mobile.

Let’s take a look:

Daypart breakdown showing impressions, % media budget, and GRPs.

The data clearly shows that advertisers who have product and can advertise should be advertising. Those that are not are seeing a decline in overall digital traffic as a result, meaning fewer customers entering their digital conversion machines.

Continued big thanks to my colleagues on the Simulmedia Data Science team for this excellent work.

For those of you eager to see the latest viewership trends, check out these interactive charts on viewership, all available for free on Observable. We also still have our analysis on how impressions are impacting program ratings.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and be well.