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What Changing Consumer Behavior Means For Post-COVID Marketing

Published: Apr. 21, 2020

No one has a more eclectic and informed perspective on how the past can inform the present and future than Brad Berens, Editor-in-Chief and SVP of the IAB. Berens is an editor, futurist, researcher, and TedX speaker who uses his Ph.D in Shakespeare Studies to inform his POV on the intersection of technology and consumer behavior.

He joined us to discuss how consumer behaviors are changing during the pandemic, and will be permanently changed after this passes. He acknowledges that a lot of the tech we already had prior to the crisis is being used in a much different way today, therefore calling into question whether we will shop, work and socialize the same ever again. He gives firm advice for retailers on how to keep up with these changes and points out strategies we can all learn from direct-to-consumer brands who were born already acclimated to this type of setting.