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Infographic: The Rise of Fragmentation on TV

Josh Brentan
Josh Brentan
Published: Oct. 17, 2017

In the beginning, there were three national TV networks. CBS, NBC, ABC. If you owned a TV—and in 1950, only 4 million households did—those networks were what you watched. This was advertiser nirvana. If they bought a single 30 second spot on one of those networks, they could essentially reach every TV owning household in the United States.

If that was TV’s cradle of life, the ensuing years have brought a TV diaspora, with more and more channels being created, and viewers slowly spreading farther and farther into the now vast reaches of the TV universe. Today, the average US household receives almost 200 networks.

We created this infographic to illustrate just how much more fragmented today’s TV audience has become. And with a brand’s target audience spread out across more TV channels than they used to be, marketers must find new ways of finding and engaging those audiences on TV. Fortunately, the technology exists to help them turn this fragmentation into a friend, rather than a foe.

Have you adapted your TV advertising strategy to take advantage of its new paradigm? Take a look at the infographic, and if you’d like to learn about how our platform’s predictive analytics engine can help you find more of your target audience on TV, just drop us a line.

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Infographic showing the fragmentation of the landscape over the past few decades and the importance of an audience-based approach.