Connected TV

Harness the Unique Performance Benefits of Connected TV

Easily reach your most valuable audiences across streaming networks and platforms with complete transparency on reporting and pricing.

Connected TV Advertising - collection of streaming services

Maximize the Impact of Your CTV Campaigns

Simulmedia streamlines the CTV buying experience with access to inventory across an expansive set of streaming providers and a dedicated team to actively manage your campaigns for increased flexibility and real-time optimization.


Identify the size of your target audience on CTV as well as linear TV, with an accurate sense of respective volume and overlap between the two.


Execute a targeted campaign on CTV, or across CTV and linear, to reach your target audience through cost-effective, diverse inventory with scale.


Get unified reporting of your campaign's CTV and linear media delivery in our application, with greater transparency than anywhere else.

The Power of Data-Driven Linear and Connected TV

To succeed in building awareness or inspiring action, you need to harness the powerful combination of national linear TV and the rapidly expanding CTV ecosystem. With these together, you benefit from Simulmedia’s proven history of maximizing the massive scale of national linear TV and our ability to extend the same scientific approach across channels.

Cross-Channel Viewership Insights on Your Audience

The linear and connected TV landscape is continually becoming more fragmented. Get a full view into what your target audience is watching across streaming and linear TV – including top streaming series and TV shows.

Holistic Campaign Reporting on Performance

Get unified reporting across your linear and connected TV campaigns with our interactive, real-time reporting dashboard, all with greater transparency than available elsewhere as well as insights into unduplicated reach.

Partnerships with Best-in-Class Streaming Publishers and Platforms

Find your audience wherever they're watching across the connected TV landscape.

Make Connected TV a Winning Channel

Get started by contacting our sales team or requesting a demo to learn more about how Simulmedia can help you make TV and video perform to its full potential.