Linear & Connected TV

Simple, Effective and Transparent Cross-Channel TV Advertising

To succeed in building awareness, inspiring action and reaching untapped audiences, brands need to harness the powerful combination of national linear TV and the rapidly expanding CTV ecosystem. Powered by predictive technology, robust data science and experienced media veterans, Simulmedia's TV+® platform maximizes cross-channel TV’s massive reach potential and turns it into a driver of growth.

Image showing a linear TV remote and a collection connected TV streaming apps to show how Simulmedia offers unified linear and connected TV advertising.

Unlock Audiences Wherever They Are Watching

An Audience-Based Approach

Simulmedia Is the only truly national, cross-channel TV platform providing surgical precision at scale. We go beyond age/gender demos to target the best audience for your campaign using first- and third-party data. Then, we find this custom-built audience across all of TV.

Guaranteed and Optimal Inventory

Our unique TV+® technology takes into account audience-viewing behaviors and inventory supply dynamics across linear and CTV to recommend the optimal channel split for reaching your targets and driving the KPIs that matter most to your business.

TV Buying Made Simple

We eliminate complexity and friction in TV planning, buying and measurement in today’s fragmented cross-channel landscape, lifting the burden on the advertiser.

More Transparent Than Anyone Else

We make results available in your interactive, personalized Simulmedia Reporting Hub, providing a holistic view of your campaign’s linear and CTV components (including networks, channels, dayparts and creative).

Incremental Isn’t Incidental

With access to premium inventory over 500 networks, publishers and platforms across linear and CTV, only Simulmedia can maximize scale while driving incremental reach in order to efficiently and cost-effectively message to your target wherever and whenever they tune in.

The End-to-End Solution for Linear and CTV

Handle your national TV advertising campaigns in one place.

See What Your Site Visitors and App Users Are Watching on TV

Place a small piece of code on your website and start to receive insights about your visitors’ TV-viewing behavior, including their top shows, genres and networks. Have an app? You can get the same insights by utilizing our partnerships with mobile measurement providers.

  • Any visitors to your site or users of your app can be utilized for targeting cross-channel
  • Detect viewing habits of users engaging with your digital properties to inform TV media buys

Cross-Channel Viewership Insights on Your Audience

The linear and connected TV landscape is continually becoming more fragmented. Get a full view into what your target audience is watching across streaming and linear TV – with an accurate sense of the volume on each and the overlap of audiences between the two.

Create the Optimal Cross-Channel TV Media Plan

You have over 1,400,200 possible spots to choose from if you’re planning a two-week campaign. Simulmedia brings technology and data science to cross-channel TV to calculate the optimal media plan based on your desired results in seconds -- all while eliminating complexity and friction.

  • Our unique TV+® platform considers audience behaviors and linear and CTV inventory-supply dynamics and parameters like budget, timeframe and network restrictions to recommend the single best plan for your goals
  • TV+® generates the ideal linear/CTV split across your campaign budget to reach your audience target
  • We take the guesswork out of media planning by forecasting where your audience will be watching

Holistic and Transparent Measurement

Get complete transparency of campaign performance in real-time with reporting tools that offer insights into how your advertising is driving web visits, app installs, and more — and unlock the ability to observe any ad’s impact on the KPIs that matter most to your business.

  • Identify the metrics important to you and measure them on your terms
  • Unified, transparent reporting on cross-channel media delivery
  • Real-time media and performance metrics for every campaign

Flexible, Automated Buying Through Integrations With Top TV Networks and Streaming Publishers and Platforms

Seamlessly find your audience across national linear TV with guaranteed impression delivery from guaranteed schedules and units in national breaks.

Activation Options for All Your Needs

Get the high-performing plan you need with the flexibility to add other inventory that your business objectives may require.

Get Simulmedia's Data-Driven, Audience-Based Plan

Choose Specific Networks, Days and Dayparts

Choose Specific Shows/Programs

Say Goodbye to TV's Black Box

We’re built to give brands and agencies more visibility into their cross-channel TV campaigns than ever before. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for media and fees, and easily export your campaign data to bring into your preferred business intelligence and visualization tools.

  • Real-time, interactive reporting dashboard for a full view into media delivery and performance metrics
  • Statistically rigorous approach to measurement provides the utmost transparency

Ready to Reach Audiences Across All of TV?

Get started by requesting a demo to learn more about how Simulmedia can deliver unparalleled reach, results and measurement for your cross-channel TV campaign.