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Reach Audiences Wherever They Watch or Stream With Linear and Connected TV Advertising

Simulmedia turns TV and video into a growth engine by helping brands deploy more effective strategies to hit the KPIs that matter most.

Your Audience is Watching – We Can Help You Find Them

Simulmedia brings data, science and software to TV and video advertising to allow brands to easily reach high-intent audiences across linear TV, connected TV, and games.

Machine-Driven Automation

Simulmedia’s patented machine-learning technology instantly leverages more than 10 years of insight from national TV campaigns to identify high-intent audiences and accurately predict where and when they’re going to be watching.

Data-Backed Optimization

From the moment your campaign begins and we start to get signal on performance, we dynamically rank the top converting ad units and then quickly optimize for best results.

Focus on Accountability

Your ad budget can work harder and smarter than ever before, but only if it’s held accountable. So we’ve made reporting tools accessible in near-real-time by building them right into our platform.

The Platform That Makes Your TV and Video Work Harder

Simulmedia’s cross-channel TV platform is your one-stop solution to do everything from targeting and planning to measuring and optimizing – all across linear TV, connected TV, and video games.

Target + Plan

Go beyond age/gender demos to target the best audience for your campaign using first and third-party data. Then, accurately predict where they’ll be watching during your campaign.


Fast and flexible buying through our direct integrations with all national networks and partnerships with premium CTV and games publishers for guaranteed media delivery and audience reach.

Measure + Optimize

Get real-time reporting on everything from impressions and purchases. We’ll test variables like creative and spot length, and then optimize fast to beat your KPIs.

New to TV? No problem.

Getting started on TV doesn’t have to be complicated. Simulmedia recommends a test and learn approach that enables you to quickly identify what’s working, eliminate what’s not and reach the audiences that matter to you.

How to scale growth efficiently utilizing the power of Simulmedia’s data-driven platform:

Test and Learn

Starting at low entry budgets, we’ll test which creatives, dayparts, networks and programs generate the optimal results for your brand.

Refine Your Plan & Optimize Fast

We’ll apply learnings from Phase 1, buying more of what works and cutting what doesn’t.

Intelligently Scale

We’ll continue to double-down on top performing units while exploring the market to find new pockets of your target audience. This is the key to sustained growth.

Interested in Simulmedia?

We’d love to hear about your goals and how cross-channel TV and video advertising can help you achieve them.