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We Make Cross-Channel TV Work Harder For Your Clients

We complement your linear and connected TV planning, buying and activation - or handle it for you. As the only truly national cross-channel TV platform, we can find and unlock audiences for your clients on both linear and CTV through our patented, data-driven digital approach.

Why Simulmedia

Simulmedia’s results-driven TV advertising platform optimizes placements automatically, boosting the value of ad spend by finding, targeting, and delivering audiences most likely to convert.

Machine-Learning Combined with Media Experts

Our patented TV+® technology uses data-driven insights to target and optimize video ad placements across channels. Our team of TV experts ensure we deliver consistent wins on even the biggest of goals.

Meet Your New Secret Weapon

From functioning as your agency’s media arm to empowering your media team with high-performing TV, we can handle as much as you like so you can focus on core service offerings and interface more with clients.

Consistent Client Satisfaction

For over a decade, we’ve helped agencies leverage the massive scale of TV and video to generate more wins for hundreds of their clients, pioneering precision at scale in TV and proving it works.

We're Dedicated to Our Partner Agencies

As a complementary partner, we help you develop a more holistic relationship with your clients. If you already offer linear or CTV advertising, let us show you the power and performance of data-driven campaigns through our platform. If you’re smaller or digitally focused, we can serve as your activation arm, growing your clients’ audience and letting you reap the rewards.

Buying Power and Speed

With direct, automated access to 130+ NIelsen-rated networks and partnerships with premium CTV and video game publishers, we provide agencies with unprecedented buying power as well as faster, more efficient route to market than other platforms.

Higher Performance at a Fraction of the Effort

We take a data-defined approach to TV and video which means we find higher-intent audiences most likely to take notice, tune-in and transact. This translates to higher-performing campaigns with complete transparency.

Save Time and Money

Save on the ebb and flow of resources needed to address ever-changing buying cycles and client needs. Let us focus on finding and activating highly interested audiences at a massive, guaranteed scale, so you can redeploy resources where they will have the greatest impact on your clients' business.

Simulmedia gives Camelot the speed we expect from digital and the scale we need from TV, making our buys faster, more effective and more measurable.

Sam Bloom
CEO of Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

Integrations and Partnerships Powering Performance

Direct integrations with all national networks, partnerships with premium connected TV and video game publishers, and deep ties with best-in-class targeting and measurement partners provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

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