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Introducing Campaign Diagnostics: A Free Attribution and Reporting Tool to Ensure Advertisers Are Getting The Most Out of Their TV Spend

Grace Mashore
Grace Mashore
Published: Apr. 09, 2020

During this uncertain time it’s more critical than ever that advertisers know, down to the spot level, what’s driving performance for their brand on TV. The good news is that Simulmedia can help you do it for free with Campaign Diagnostics.

Campaign Diagnostics allows brands and agencies to use our attribution and reporting capabilities, no matter who their activation partners are. We’ll give you access to your own reporting dashboard, help you analyze your campaign, and find you more pockets of opportunities for growth and optimization down the line.

Now’s the time to gain clarity and control. Here’s how you can use Campaign Diagnostics to ensure your next campaign is more performant than the last:

1. Place the Simulmedia Pixel: Simply place the Simulmedia Pixel on your site, or use one of our mobile integration partners if you have an app, to start tracking the relationship between ad exposure and website or in-app activity while your campaign is live.

2. Upload Post Logs: Provide us with post logs from your campaign so we can track where your commercials ran during the campaign. If you haven’t gotten post logs back yet we can use Kantar Ad Occurrence data instead.

3. Review Campaign Results: View your campaign’s results in your own Simulmedia reporting dashboard. You’ll have 24/7 access to media metrics like CPMs and performance metrics like Cost-Per-Visit (CPV), all by network, program, daypart and creative.

TV advertising dashboard that shows total reach and impressions, as well as top performing networks, programs, and dayparts.

4. Evaluate Optimization Opportunities: At the end of your campaign, we’ll analyze the results and identify opportunities for optimization and growth. We’ll make sure you’re maximizing your budget while finding more people who are likely to take action after seeing your commercial.

In addition to helping you understand more about your current media, we’ll also be able to give you more insight on the TV viewing habits of your website and app visitors. You’ll be able to know what networks, genres, and programs your audience is watching, day by day.

If you like what you see, we can quickly build a reach-maximizing plan targeting those viewers, and ones that look just like them, all while also accounting for the already identified opportunities for more growth.

Simulmedia is the only end-to-end TV ad platform that can deliver scaled performance across national linear TV with the speed and precision of digital. Our best-in-class software predicts where your target audience will be watching TV, quickly produces and executes plans that maximize reach, and allows you to measure and optimize with certainty. This is why brands that advertise with us are confident TV advertising is growing their business.

Contact your Simulmedia Sales Rep or click here to have a member of our team get in touch with you about how Campaign Diagnostics can ensure your next campaign is the most performant one yet.