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How Courage & Grit Drive Excellence at Simulmedia

Ilire Vucetaj
Ilire Vucetaj
Published: Jul. 24, 2020
Photo of Sam Guerra, Simulmedia employee who won the Courage & Grit award for their above-and-beyond efforts.

courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

grit: firmness of mind or spirit; unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger

There’s so much to be admired about someone who navigates with courage and grit. At Simulmedia, we felt compelled to memorialize these often-unsung heroes with a quarterly award. All are given the opportunity to submit nominations for colleagues who’ve epitomized courage and grit with their highly impactful contributions throughout the quarter. The Sam Guerra Courage & Grit Award, aptly named after each previous award winner, is materialized by none other than a coon skin cap and is passed on from winner to winner.

Each quarter, on behalf of the recipient, Simulmedia makes a donation to the TD foundation, a grassroots organization that helps support the children of our nation’s fallen heroes.

Sam Guerra, our IT Manager and first recipient of the award, showed tremendous resilience and diligence through his work in Simulmedia’s full transition to a virtual environment at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sam’s efforts helped us create a highly effective remote workplace and he and his team continue to help keep Simulmedia more productive than ever.

At the recent close of Q2, when it was time to select our next winner, we were met with a familiar challenge: picking just one winner. After some deliberation, Grace Mashore, Director, Product Marketing was identified as the winner. Grace is an extraordinary woman and paragon of courage and grit. She never sidesteps a challenge, always fearlessly taking them head on.

Grace’s perpetual success can be attributed to her natural talent, vigorous effort, innumerable contributions and sharp skills. This (obviously) is not the first time she’d been recognized for her very apparent resilience.

Several years ago as guard on Stanford’s NCAAW basketball team, Grace was recognized for her heart and hustle in an ESPN publication where she then shared what we’ve all witnessed working with her: "There's a work ethic I've always had that doesn't go away. And a competitive nature that I've always had that doesn't stop here."

It sure hasn’t.

Here are some snippets that were submitted last quarter by her nominators on the qualities that made her an optimal candidate for the award:


No one out-works her, and none possesses a more fervent desire to win. Yet her competitiveness has not overpowered her caring and cheerful nature. She’s an optimist at heart, and it shows. Grace does not quit, and despite carrying a heavy workload always seems to have the capacity to take on just one more project or help just one more colleague.


Grace supports three demanding and hardworking organizations: Sales, Product, and Marketing. Yet if a stranger were to enter a conference room - Zoom or otherwise - and witness Grace interacting with any of these co-workers, they would not be able distinguish her from them.


Grace is always trying to improve. She seeks feedback when it’s not offered, and she doesn’t shy away from blunt talk.


Grace has been involved in everything at all hours and always around to take on more with no such hint of reticence. Grace's efforts, patience, willingness to always be in the line of fire, and tireless work ethic are all the reasons why I know she deserves this quarter's award!

Photo of Grace Mashore, recipient of the Courage & Grit award for their above-and-beyond teamwork.

There is no question this award was earned in a Graceful display of courage and grit.