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5 Advertising Perspectives You Need To Hear Before Planning Your Q3

Mary Grace Scully
Mary Grace Scully
Published: May. 13, 2020

Over the past several weeks, we’ve hosted some remarkable, memorable conversations on our livestream show, Simulmedia Live. Five perspectives stood out in particular, though, because of their strategic advice for what marketers can and should do to prepare their brands for the coming months. Their advice is powerful and, in the aggregate, encouraging because of their emphasis on taking action.

Here are the five perspectives to take to heart (and to your CMO) when mapping out your Q3 plans.

1. Meryl Draper, CEO of Quirk Creative

What we liked best: Marketers need to strike the right brand tone right now, but needn’t forget about performance.

2. Matthew Scott Goldstein (msg), Consultant and Analyst

What we liked best: While many industries are hurting now, the majority are in a position to increase their advertising and gain market share. He put it best when he said, “This is where I started getting it. This is where I started getting happy, right? This is like, holy crap, right? I got 17 categories here that I think will do absolutely fine and thrive.”

3. Eric Fischer, Founder of HJA Strategic Marketing

What we liked best: A brand can be direct response and performance-based, but if it needs to drive reliable performance, it needs to seek more inventory than relying solely on direct response.

“If you're a direct response performance based company, maybe here's the time to try some new channels. The danger of direct response is always kind of what I called optimizing myself into a foxhole or rabbit hole.”

4. Terry Kawaja, CEO of LUMA Partners

What we liked best: Navigating the spot (i.e. scatter) market with agility and digital-like precision requires the ability to monitor your campaigns on a more real-time basis.

5. Yin Rani, CEO of MilkPEP

What we liked best: How your brand shows up in the life of your consumer should be your North Star. This requires breaking down the silos between TV and digital teams so that you can better understand how consumers truly behave.

“Thank goodness for the digital revolution, which is now very much fuller. I think in digital and social we are already very responsive. We publish in smaller batches in more real time. I think the opportunity now is to take that mindset and bring it across maybe more of the whole ecosystem and not adopt the set-it and forget-it annual planning, quarterly planning mindset.”

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