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Helping Rebuild TV Ad Plans Impacted By Sports Cancellations

Matt Collins
Matt Collins
Published: Mar. 13, 2020

We Can Help You, Too.

What’s the most uplifting thing you’ve ever seen on TV? I’ve asked my colleagues that question, and they all mention the same things: sports. For me, it was the 2004 Red Sox, 2001 Patriots and 1989 Michigan Wolverines (NCAA men’s basketball). I single out these triumphs because I never expected them, something that made them all the more euphoric for me.

Brands that were planning on TV advertising on the NBA, NCAA men’s and women’s basketball, the NHL and Major League Baseball are having to revise their plans as a result of postponements and cancellations. Simulmedia not only can help brands quickly replace this inventory so that agencies and brands can reach the same people who were going to watch now-canceled sports programming. We’re already doing it.

In just the last 24 hours, multiple clients of ours have come to us because sports cancellations have forced them to re-route millions of dollars in TV advertising. Thanks to the software we use, in just hours, we’ve already prepared and begun executing plans that will redeploy those dollars on other networks and programs that sports fans watch when they’re not watching sports.

If you work at an agency and need help, or if your brand needs a Plan B that looks every bit as good as your Plan A, Simulmedia is here for you. Our best-in-class software will help you maximize the reach of your audience, quickly produce and execute a plan, and measure it with confidence so you can prove to your CMO, CFO and CEO that your TV advertising is growing your business.

Plus, not only can we get you on air in as little as three days. We can get you off the air quickly, too. In that way, if your plans change, we can do it with no penalties.

For all the things that have changed about the landscape, one thing has not: TV is the most important media device most of us own. It is simultaneously the most trusted, secure outlet to the world, a getaway that’s always ready when we are, and a watering hole that brings families and friends together. It’s no surprise, then, that Adweek, GroupM Global President Brian Wieser, and others are predicting that the TV marketplace is set to thrive and grow as more people turn it on and tune it in.

If you’re wondering what to do with your TV budgets as the landscape changes around you, let us know how we can help.

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