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How the Internet of Things is Poised to Tackle the World's Toughest Problems

Marissa Guzzo
Marissa Guzzo
Updated: Sep. 24, 2021
Published: Jul. 01, 2020

With schools, shops and workplaces all going virtual, the imperfections in the technology we use have become blatantly clear. Greg Kahn, CEO of the Internet of Things Consortium and GK Digital Ventures, joined us to talk about how the Internet of Things (IoT), aka the connected devices we rely on, especially TV, can ignite the technological progress we need.

Greg shares his outlook on how IoT can bridge gaps in diversity, help individuals gain access to otherwise unavailable medical care via Telehealth, and speed up opportunities that were previously thought to be several years out. He also discusses how TV can be an incredibly powerful means of storytelling and connection in such uncertain times.

The Fast Five

After each episode of Simulmedia Live, we pick out the most informative minutes of the whole live stream. If you didn’t catch the show, we’ve got you covered with the essentials.

Without further ado, The Fast Five.

1. Fix the digital divide with IoT.

Technology can be a major player in solving some of society’s inequality challenges. Greg talks about how Telehealth has made healthcare more accessible throughout the nation and how there are many more steps we can take to continue to bridge the divide.

2. Reinvent events, medicine, and education with TV.

Greg says that smart TVs are a prime location for medical appointments, school, and “live” events because they are more commonplace than even laptops and tablets. TV can help everyone from doctors to advertisers tell a story and mimic an in-person experience better than any other medium out there.

3. Take advantage of TV’s connective power.

TV can connect our homes to our other digital devices which allows individuals to answer the doorbell, turn off the lights, and even renew prescriptions from the comfort of their own couch. Greg says that in the near future, TV will serve as a centralized connection for our homes.

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