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How Monster Uses TV Advertising to Attract Job Seekers

Shaun Farrar, Monster’s Senior Director of Global Media, joined us for a candid conversation about the online job database’s media history and current comeback. In the ‘90s, Monster was the go-to site for job-seekers, as it virtually (pun) replaced newspaper listings. It soon lost its prominence thanks to the rise of companies like LinkedIn, Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

Today, Monster has a new media leader with a unique vision for the future of the company and strategy of “outsmarting, not outspending” his competition. Shaun brings a background in digital to his role that requires TV to work harder and be able to prove it quickly through insights. Shaun shares with Matt Collins, Simulmedia’s SVP of Marketing, how he measures brand performance across channels, his advice for digital-first brands looking to TV for more scale, how he eventually plans to bring all media in-house, and so much more.

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