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Performance Is the Future of TV

Josh Brentan
Josh Brentan
Published: Sep. 05, 2017

Are you looking to create immediate, incremental value for your business while simultaneously laying the foundation for sustainable growth? In the latest issue of ANA’s Forward, our SVP of Marketing, Matt Collins, discusses how adopting a performance mindset toward TV advertising can help brands enjoy the short-term benefits of increased relevant reach, measuring the impact of campaigns on business results, and creating a unified, multi-channel targeting strategy.

The good news for traditional brand marketers, is that the pivot to this new mindset doesn’t carry as much executional risk as one might think. Matt also spoke with Lori Norian, VP of Marketing at Matrixx Initiatives, makers of Zicam, about her journey to becoming an advocate for performance-driven, data-optimized solutions for TV advertising—and why she thinks more and more companies will be adopting this mindset in the near future.

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