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Simulmedia TV Marketplace Update For March 27, 2020

Matt Collins
Matt Collins
Published: Mar. 28, 2020

In an effort to keep our clients and partners informed on the latest changes in the marketplace, we explore how TV viewing habits are changing during what was, for much of the nation, the second full week of sequestration as a result of the coronavirus. We also look ahead and invite you to try beating our patented forecasting capability (Here’s an incentive: we’ll help one lucky person support his or her favorite local restaurant.)

Download the report and you'll get:

  • Changes in TV viewing, overall and by genre:
    • Overall, TV viewing increased by 12.6%, week-over-week. This resulted in an increase of over 1 billion impressions, representing a compelling opportunity for brands to grow share.
    • All genres have increased viewership except for sports.
  • A18-49 demo viewership increased more than all demos except W25-54
  • We also include the top programs viewed by three popular strategic audience targets:
    • Young, male, avid sports fans
    • Adults 25-54 who subscribe to streaming services
    • A45+ who are in-market for financial services
  • We also look ahead, using our patented forecasting ability to predict the 10 most popular shows that will air this coming Monday, March 30. We invite you to try beating our predictions. One lucky winner will get a gift card they can use to support their favorite local restaurant.

Table showing the forecasted top 10 programs based on Simulmedia's TV advertising prediction technology.