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Who’s Spending Less On Media But Should Be Spending More? Trends Amid COVID-19 Revealed

Published: Apr. 16, 2020

This pandemic has changed media investment strategies and outcomes across just about every product and service category. Some of the industries that have been pressured into basically shutting off paid media haven’t come as a surprise (e.g. travel), but other verticals have made unexpected media investment decisions that cause analysts like Matthew Scott Goldstein to speak up.

Goldstein, known by many as “msg” and the man behind the must-read “What I Saw Happen” newsletter, joined us to discuss his research on how the virus is impacting marketing in top industries. He breaks down these industries into 31 categories: “10 are in trouble, 4 are OK, and 17 are fine.” He explains why some are thriving, why some are struggling that really shouldn’t, and offers his theories on how each of them will adjust to meet the climate. All in all, his outlook is hopeful, saying “It’s not as bad as I expected earlier, it’s a matter of time when this great pause we’re going through goes away.”

Download your own copy of the presentation msg addresses throughout the conversation here. It identifies all of the categories, and includes data and insights he has collected to support his views.