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TV Marketplace Update: The Latest Weekly Viewing Data

Matt Collins
Matt Collins
Published: Aug. 14, 2020

Simulmedia now offers access to a weekly review of changes in TV viewership.

  • Users can get updates on how viewership is changing across all of national TV, as well as at the network level.
  • The data updates automatically every week (usually late on Thursday or early on Friday.)
  • Simply bookmark this blog post to have easy access to the latest.

Simulmedia is a big fan of Observable. The platform enables visualizations of sometimes complex data sets in ways that are easy to grasp. Simulmedia uses it to capture, understand and share changes in TV viewership on a weekly basis. Scan below for data on the most recent week available. Like what you see? Simply bookmark this page.


In an effort to keep Simulmedia's clients and partners informed on the latest changes in the linear TV advertising marketplace, we are publishing weekly updates on how TV viewing habits are changing. This report includes TV viewing data through Sat Aug 22 2020.

Let's get started.

Overall TV viewing changes line chart.
Changes in TV viewing for News Networks
Changes in TV viewing for Kids Networks
Changes in TV viewing for Entertainment Networks
Changes in TV viewing for Sports Networks

Here are viewing trends at four high-profile networks, one for each of the genres we cover here: CNN (news), Nickelodeon (kids), HBO (entertainment) and ESPN (sports).

TV viewing trends at four high-profile networks

Deeper Dive

This drop-down will allow you to summon a chart for every network that shows impressions at the hour level, for four weeks, one week at the time. The darker and stronger the line, the more recent the week: that way, one is able to superimpose and compare the most recent week to the previous ones.

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Have Questions?

We’re sifting through changes in TV viewing with the most recent data available and want to make sure you’re getting the answers you need. What did you find most valuable? What other information would you like to see? Email us at marketing@simulmedia.com to let us know how we can make these weekly updates as useful as possible.