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Why I'm Going To Kyiv

Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan  |  Executive Chairman
Published: May. 02, 2023

Yes, I am headed to Kyiv in early June.

Why? First, because I am speaking at egta’s (the European Association of Television and Radio Sales Houses) annual CEO Summit in Warsaw on June 1, so I will already be close by. But, most importantly, I am going because I want to make a difference, even if only in a small way.

Our politicians, governments and militaries are doing a lot to help Ukraine win this terrible war. But I believe it's essential our businesses and business leaders step up now, too.

Cross-border business, contracts, investments, partnerships, training and education can all play a part in helping keep Ukraine’s economic engine running, which is critical to the country’s current survival and which will make an enormous difference in post-war rebuilding. Humanitarian aid is essential now, but providing smart economic development support as well can help ensure long term self-sustainability for Ukraine.

The advertising technology industry has benefited greatly from the country and its people. Every day, advertisers and marketers around the globe leverage technology with roots in Ukraine, created by Ukrainian developers, who have long been known as among the best, most modern and most innovative in the world.

While in Kyiv, I will be part of an event with Interactive Advertising Bureau Ukraine -- a beacon of light for our industry -- where we will share the latest developments in digital advertising and marketing, recognize extraordinary achievements, and talk about how companies around the world can help Ukraine companies in their work.

Among the topics we will discuss, I am sure, will be the centrality of the advertising and technology communities in society. Advertising helps fuel, build and drive consumer-driven economic growth and independent media. And technology and technologists will rebuild and transform the infrastructure upon which it will operate and scale.

I want to learn how Ukraine’s businesses are surviving this war. We get news about the fighting, but we don’t hear much about the lives of Ukrainians working to sustain businesses and keep the country functioning. And to that end, I’m looking forward to visiting with local businesses and leaders in both Kyiv and Lviv, visiting their operations and seeing firsthand some of their challenges and successes.

I hope to bring attention to what Ukrainians and their businesses need. I plan to chronicle what I see, hear and learn, telling those stories here at MediaPost and in other channels so that colleagues from across our industry and around the world can better understand what is happening -- and, ideally, feel motivated to learn and do more themselves. Cross-border business, contracts, partnerships, investments and collaborations with our Ukrainian colleagues can and will make a big difference to so many.

Finally, I am going to Kyiv to show my support. The people of Ukraine need to know that we are with them -- not just in spirit but in person, too.